• Augmented Reality App Instantly Translates Foreign Text On Signs, Menus

    Augmented Reality App Instantly Translates Foreign Text On Signs, Menus

    If you ever wanted to be able to read text on a street sign or on a menu in a restaurant when abroad, your smartphone might be able to help you soon. Japanese electronics company Omron has developed a smartphone application that can instantly translate (short) foreign texts you come across – firing up the app and pointing the phone’s camera at the text in question is enough. Omron… Read More

  • Smile-Scan: Omron Updates Its Smile-O-Meter

    In Japan, where customers aren’t considered kings but “gods”, the level of friendliness your employees show can make or break your business. That’s why it’s no surprise that it was a Japanese company, Omron, which was the first to develop a high-tech “smile-o-meter” [JP] in 2009 (as previously reported). Read More

  • Say cheese: The Smile Scan makes grumpy employees friendlier

    Nippon is (rightfully) known as the country of politeness. In order to uphold that status through scientific means, Japanese tech powerhouse Omron has developed the Smile Scan [JP]. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Omron develops "green" backlights for LCD TVs

    Sony’s 32-inch KDL-32JE1, the world’s most energy efficient LCD, still has potential Omron has developed a backlight for LCDs that reduces the amount of power conventional backlights, mostly cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL), need by 33% to just 39W. Existing 32-inch LCD TVs are using about 10 CCFLs. Omron says it has found out that these lamps achieve maximum performance… Read More