• You’ve Only Got One Shot At Building A Consumer Unicorn Crunch Network

    You’ve Only Got One Shot At Building A Consumer Unicorn

    Imagine if the founder of a very successful consumer technology company knocked on your door and offered to get you in on the ground floor of their new enterprise. Almost any VC would jump at the chance, as would most engineers and designers. But I wonder if they’re most often making a mistake? I can point to a number of founders who have had repeat success in B2B markets. Read More

  • Apple Acquires Durable Database Company FoundationDB

    Apple Acquires Durable Database Company FoundationDB

    Apple has acquired FoundationDB, a company that specializes in speedy, durable NoSQL databases, TechCrunch has learned. A notice on the FoundationDB site notes that it’s no longer offering downloads of its database software. Financial terms of the deal were not available. CEO David Rosenthal was previously VP of Engineering at Omniture and co-founded the company with COO Nick Lavezzo… Read More

  • Series A Whopper: Benchmark Invests $33M in New BI Company Domo

    Series A Whopper: Benchmark Invests $33M in New BI Company Domo

    A new software as a service company Domo is formally launching tonight at a party in Salt Lake City. I have no idea how opulent or bare-bones this party will be, but theoretically the company would have plenty to spend on drinks, T-shirts and canapes. It just raised a massive $33 million series A from Benchmark Capital. Actually, counting the angel investments that were closed earlier but… Read More

  • Omniture And Others Also Feed Off Facebook Ads

    Facebook is ramping up advertising by deepening its ties to other online advertising companies, particularly the ones which offer tools to manage and monitor ad campaigns. Today, it revealed its first set of partners to incorporate the Facebook Ads API into their own products. In addition to Clickable (which we discovered earlier), the other partners are Alchemy, Glow, Kenshoo, Marin… Read More

  • Omniture, Facebook Expand Social Media Marketing Partnership

    Omniture, Facebook Expand Social Media Marketing Partnership

    Omniture, acquired by Adobe for $1.8 billion last year, has expanded its partnership with Facebook. Together, the companies aim to provide marketers with solutions to optimize the enormously popular social network as an effective online marketing channel. Initially, Omniture and Facebook will focus on the ability to automate Facebook media buying and access analytics that measure customer… Read More

  • Breaking: Adobe To Acquire Omniture For Approximately $1.8 Billion

    Adobe Systems has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Omniture for the former to acquire the latter in a transaction valued at approximately $1.8 billion on a fully diluted equity-value basis. Under the terms of the agreement, Adobe will commence a tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of Omniture for $21.50 per share in cash. The proposed… Read More

  • Shoring Up The Online Advertising Biz

    The online advertising business is in for a rough patch, especially for display advertising. The signs are everywhere. Yahoo, the biggest publisher of display ads on the Web, reported a 2 percent decline in display ad revenues in the fourth quarter, and the New York Times is seeing even steeper declines. There is just way too much advertising inventory out there, and Websites are actually… Read More

  • Omniture Brings Real-Time Analytics To iPhone Applications

    Omniture is extending its SiteCatalyst measurement tool to native iPhone applications, enabling developers and marketers to gain insight on how users are interacting with their iPhone apps, based on real-time information. This should allow them not only to improve the user experience based on analytics, but also make adjustement necessary to generate more revenue by enhancing ad clicks… Read More

  • Omniture Unifies Marketing Suite, Adds Video Analytics

    Omniture, which provides tools for marketers to track their online campaigns, is announcing a set of product upgrades today. New versions of its flagship product SiteCatalyst and its search advertising product SearchCenter will be released. In addition to improved user interfaces (apparently five years of usability testing went into the products’ redesigns), the products in… Read More

  • Omniture Announces Marketing 2.0 Analytics Tool

    Omniture released an integration analytics tool called Genesis at a two-hour event today at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Genesis was created with over 30 marquee online advertising partners such as, Google, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Salesforce. Omniture is an online marketing analytics company. Genesis is a measurement, performance, and integration tool. Integration being… Read More