• Joyent Suffers Major Downtime Due To ZFS Bug

    Services provided by cloud computing provider Joyent have been offline for three days following issues with ZFS. Strongspace and BingoDisk are amongst services that have been affected since January 12. Joyent CEO David Young said in a post to the Joyent forums that the service “got bit by a massive ZFS bug…that got onto/into the backups” preventing easy restoration. Data… Read More

  • Zoho, Omnidrive Partner For Office Document Storage

    Online office suite Zoho and online storage company Omnidrive (see disclosure below) are announcing a partnership today that extends the functionality of both companies. The integration leverages Zoho’s newly updated API. The partnership is allowing users to store all of their Zoho office documents within Omnidrive, giving them a centralized online file storage area. Also, clicking on… Read More

  • The LaunchPad 13 at Web 2.0 Summit

    The annual Web 2.0 Summit kicked off today at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The conference Summit, which has been sold out for months, is noticeably larger than last year and hundreds of people are milling about, seeing and being seen. The highlight of last year’s conference for me was LaunchPad, where thirteen young startups showed their stuff to the audience. See our coverage… Read More

  • Exclusive Screenshots of Omnidrive

    We first wrote about Australia/Silicon Valley based Omnidrive, an online storage company, in late 2005. Since that time we’ve extensively reviewed various online storage services, including rumored products from Google and Microsoft, as well as Amazon’s storage API solution (update here) for application developers. This space continues to heat up, to say the least. Fast forward… Read More

  • The Online Storage Gang

    The online storage market is evolving fast. In the past, users could expect no more than a simple service where files could be slowly uploaded and downloaded from a mapped virtual drive or a simple web based interface. Little competition (and the bursting of the bubble) led to very high prices for a minimal amount of storage. Over the last year a slew of new services have launched (some… Read More

  • Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

    There have been numerous 2005 “best of” and 2006 “predictions” posts over the last few weeks as the year comes to an end. I’m not going to write one of those. Giving out “best of” awards seems presumptuous to me, given that I’ve been blogging all of six months. And while predictions are fun, they aren’t all that useful in the end. What I… Read More

  • Omnidrive – Online Storage Perfection

    I’ve been testing Omnidrive‘s very early beta product over the last few days. Omnidrive will be launching in January, 2006. I’ve spent hours with it (and previously posted a brief mention) – significantly more than I spend with most products. The reason? This is a product that I and millions of others really need – a pure and functional online storage product with… Read More

  • Omnidrive's Online Storage Actually Works

    I’ve been talking to Nik Cubrilovic, the founder of Sydney, Australia based Omnidrive, since I posted about the need for a good online storage service in November (see no. 1 in that post). I’ve had the chance to test it over the last few days. It’s pre-beta but will be launching soon. They’ve solved a lot of the problems associated with storage away from the network… Read More