OMGPOP Team Tried To Buy Back Its Site, But Zynga Killed It Instead

OMGPOP almost got an extra life, but Zynga said 'game over'. Zynga just finalized plans to shut down OMGPOP, the game developer of Draw Something it acquired for $200 million in March 2012. But multi

Zynga To Shut Down OMGPOP’s Online Gaming Portal,

Long before OMGPOP found its sudden (and rather fleeting) success as a mobile game developer with Draw Something, it began its life as an online game network at After Zynga acquired OMGPOP

Zynga Shuts Down OMGPOP One Year After Acquiring It For $200M

As the dust begins to settle following yesterday's massive, sweeping layoffs at Zynga, the extent of the damage is becoming more clear. Remember when <a href="

Was Zynga’s Deal To Buy OMGPOP That Disastrous? Here’s Some Perspective.

Draw Something, the game that could do no wrong now seems like it can do little right, <a href="">at least according to the blogosphere</a>. There's been a

Fly Or Die: Draw Something

Draw Something has been a <a href="">hot topic</a> of late. About a month ago, OMGPOP, the company behind the hit game, was <a href="

Update Your Draw Something App To Chat, Save Drawings, Share ‘Em To Facebook and Twitter

Tell your friends to hit the App Store or Android market, there's a <a href="">new update for Draw Something</a> out today with some cool new features. Now you can chat

OMGPOP’s Draw Something Surpasses 50 Million Downloads

OMGPOP's <a HREF="">Draw Something</a> drawing game just surpassed 50 million downloads. It has been downloaded around a million time

OMGPOP Eyes TV Show Based On Hit Game Draw Something (Plus It Nears 1B Ad Impressions Per Day)

OMGPOP, the New York-based gaming company that has made a huge comeback over the last month thanks to its Pictionary-like game Draw Something, is eying a TV show based on the game, according to a sour

A Picture’s Worth 12 Million Downloads: Draw Something Is #1 on iOS and Android

<a href="">Draw Something</a> proves that if you provide an outlet for imagination, the whole world will play. One month after launch, OMGPOP's CEO tells me its Piction

What OMGPOP Learned From One Million Downloads of Puppy Love

It is true. Everyone loves puppies. Online gaming site <a href="">OMGPOP</a> wisely chose <a href="">Puppy

Facebook Instant Credits Are Tripling Virtual Goods Sales For OMGPOP

<img src=""> Now that Facebook will require all games on the social network to <a href="

Gaming Site OMGPOP Raises $10.1 Million, Plans Acquisitions

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">OMGPOP</a>, the social gaming site formerly known as iminlikewithyou, has

MyYearbook Introduces Realtime Social Gaming With Video Chat

<img src=""> In general, the key driver of social networking so far is games on Facebook. But most of those games aren't social in

OMGPOP Remakes Atari's Missile Command For The Multiplayer Web (Exclusive Video)

<img src=""> Flash games on the Web are getting to be so quick and responsive . . . that they can recreate 30-year-old arcade