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  • Diablo III announced, and it looks freakin awesome

    OMG OMG OMG. I just woke up and it is like Christmas up in here. I tell you, I am nerding out right now. I’ve been digging through all my old games looking for a Diablo fix lately: Titan Quest was good, Sacred was big, Dungeon Siege II was almost as good as I remember,and Shadowgrounds was scary, but it goes without saying that the king of the hill has always been Diablo II. Diablo III… Read More

  • Jennifer Aniston brandishes a Kindle in US Weekly

    Who knew Jennifer had such an advanced gadget sense? Or, and I think this the more likely situation, she’s secretly dating a blogger and he turned her on to Amazon’s angular e-book reader. Here’s another shot in case you’re a doubter (she’s even accessorized with a case). You may have read that the Kindle is expected to generate more than half a billion in… Read More