HP’s new gaming laptop has more screens for more content

There’s something about gaming laptops that make manufacturers do weird things. It’s kind of wonderful, in a way. Companies tend to give their teams a much wider berth for strange and novel design

The OMEN series is HP showcasing it has real PC gaming savvy

The arrival of new gaming products from HP is very infrequent. After all, HP isn’t a PC gamer’s first choice in hardware, at all. Well if you’re Hewlett-Packard, what do you do? Wel

HP unveils a bunch of new Omen gaming hardware

To be fair, an omen isn’t necessarily a portent of negative things. If it was, we wouldn’t feel obligated to qualify it using words like “bad.” Still, the word carries with it some fairly omin

HP merges Voodoo into consumer unit

Voodoo, which had been a stand-alone unit in HP’s portfolio, will no longer continue to sell its products independently. What was once known as high-end gaming PC’s will now be sold alongside cons