Omate Comes Back To Life With The Rise

Hello from the other side. Omate, which made news a few years ago with a standalone smartwatch that aimed to give Android a run for its money, is back with the Rise, a “standalone smartwatch&#82

Fly Or Die: Omate TrueSmart

In a year, we've gone to having one or two startup smartwatch companies to a sea of offerings before us, from companies as big as Google all the way down to Omate, a startup looking to make your wrist

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Omate, CarPlay, And Hoverboards… Oh My!

It's Friday, which means your Pavlovian response to the nearing weekend has left you drooling to hear us chat about gadgets. Hooray!

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The Ubuntu Edge may have been the most successful crowdfunding campaign in history, but that doesn't mean it made its goal. Meanwhile, yet another smartwatch joined the fray this week, coaxing John's

Omate, A Smartwatch That’s Also A Phone & Sports Tracker, Passes $100K Kickstarter Funding Goal In A Day

Post-Pebble's $10.2 million Kickstarter record, the smartwatch launches keep on coming. The latest wrist-affixed contender to step up for a slice of smartwatch pie is called Omate TrueSmart, and is th