• Microsoft Trying To Get Windows On OLPC

    The boys in Redmond got sent a few OLPC test models recently and are trying to get Windows up and running on them. Though the article points out that “the OLPC has 512MB of flash memory and Windows XP requires 1.5GB minimum”, Microsoft may not be trying to get Windows XP on the OLPC. Microsoft has multiple OS solutions for all sorts of devices on the market and I doubt… Read More

  • OLPC Guys Like To Play Doom

    For the past year, we’re sure that the OLPC team has been hard at work designing the $100 laptop for poor kids in Africa. We’re proud that they’re so committed to the job, but everyone needs a break once in a while. In comes the classic FPS Doom to keep the team entertained. Seems Christopher Blizzard (total porn name) and his buddies over at the OLPC offices threw Doom on… Read More

  • OLPC Gets 1,000 Laptops Closer To Mass Production

    You can barely see it in the picture, against the green table top, but that’s the first of 1,000 Quanta XO 2B1 laptops to roll off the assembly line in Shanghai as part of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) initiative. The first 1,000 machines are set for rigorous environmental testing to simulate the harsh conditions they’ll eventually be used in. Tests will include dropping the… Read More

  • Libya First to Sign with One Laptop Per Child Initiative

    Remember back in the ’80s when Libya was a rogue nation, bent on war with the US? Not so much anymore. In fact, General el-Qaddafi has ponied up $250 million to make Libya the first nation to close a deal with the One Laptop Per Child program. That includes 1.2 million of the cute little WiFi-having laptops, one for every school kid in Libya. That is awesome. It also includes… Read More

  • Hackers Needed To Break $100 OLPC Laptops

    On October 2, One Laptop Per Child put out an open call to “hackers” to try and break the $100 laptops, named the 2B1, so they don’t hit the open market full of security holes. Apparently the comments made by Ivan Krstic at the Toorcon computer security convention (and reported by TG Daily) were off the record, though. Still TG is standing behind the accuracy of what it heard. Read More

  • OLPC Laptop No Longer CM1, Now 2B1

    It was only last week that everyone reported the One Laptop Per Child project’s first laptop changed its name to the CM1, which stands for Children’s Machine 1. But now their official wiki has removed all references to CM1 and replaced it with “2B1 – The Children’s Machine”. Does “2B” stand for “to be”? In any case, the laptop still… Read More

  • OLPC Children's Machine Inches Closer

    The One Laptop Per Child initiative announced today that it had named its first “$100 laptop” the Children’s Machine, aka the CM1. Each unit will feature a 400Mhz AMD Geode processor, a 7.5″ LCD display and will be mesh network compliant. It will also include VoIP and an SD slot. The CM1 is physically for completely remote areas in that it is physically powered by a… Read More

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