• First photos of the new OLPC 2.0 netbook

    Here we have the first image of the new OLPC netbook which may or may not actually ever come to market. Tariq Krim and Michael saw it at Davos today. Read More

  • Amazon participating in OLPC XO giving mission

    True to its word, Amazon is throwing its global retail reach into the OLPC XO mission this Christmas season. The site is now offering buy-one, send-one to a developing nation notebook program. Or if you as a seasonal philanthropist choose, Amazon will ship one to a child of your choice. ‘Tiss the season of giving, folks. via PC World Read More

  • XO Laptop to be sold in Europe (for a lot more than $100)

    Those crazy Europeans will be able to buy an XO Laptop, too. Amazon’s Euro stores will sell the little guy for £263 (or €313 or $390). That’s strange, considering the One Laptop Per Child program was initially billed as the $100 laptop. What are you gonna do? The Guardian, home of the Football Weekly podcast, calls the whole program a “flop,” noting that it has… Read More

  • Amazon to start selling OLPC's XO Laptop this November; dual boot version next month

    The OLPC program just got a lot more mainstream, with word that Amazon will start selling the XO Laptop starting in November. It’ll be sold as part of the “Give One, Get One” program, meaning that for every XO Laptop you buy, one lucky youngster in a developing country will get one, too. (You’re actually paying for two laptops.) You’re doing charitable work… Read More

  • Dailymotion, OLPC strike deal to introduce kids to the wonders of online video

    Dailymotion, sorta the YouTube of Europe, has inked a deal with the much-maligned OLPC folks to “explore collaborations involving Dailymotion’s technology and selected educational content to benefit underprivileged children globally.” Sounds important. Unnecessary snark aside, it actually sounds like one of those “good causes” I like so much. The deal is such that… Read More

  • Hands on with OLPC and Windows XP

    We’ve known for a while that Microsoft was going to be showing up on OLPC’s XO. Starting in September the little laptop meant to inspire children in developing countries will ship with two operating systems, a bare bones Windows XP and Linux Sugar. Hardware configurations remain the same (256 MB of RAM and 1GB SSD), so the SD card slot accommodates Windows XP. Which means by… Read More

  • Could it be? Another possible dual-touchscreen laptop?

    While we were stoked, if a little skeptical, about One Laptop Per Child’s dual touchscreen notebook design, it turns out someone has been working on one for years and it may actually be slightly more real than fairy dust. In an interview, Valerio Cometti, founder of the Italian industrial design firm V12 Design, told Laptop that the firm came up with a dual screened laptop called… Read More

  • Intel borrows a cup of Sugar from OLPC

    It’s no secret that Intel and the OLPC project parted ways a while back, and now I think we can cross the OS off the list of things Intel didn’t like about the project. Sugar Labs, which split off from OLPC as well, has shacked up with Intel to provide a kid-friendly interface for Intel’s Classmate PC. Good news for everyone involved, I’d say. I always liked the idea… Read More

  • OLPC 2.0: What the world needs now is more books

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&file=http%3A//blip.tv/rss/flash/930327&feedurl=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/rss/&autostart=false&brandname=CrunchGear&brandlink=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/ I’m glad that the second generation OLPC is more of an ebook than a laptop. While the “laptop,” as a designed object, is an excellent… Read More

  • OLPC 2.0: A Striking eBook and a Step In the Right Direction

    Here is the the next-generation OLPC. It will consist of dual touchscreens on a single spine and include keyboard, face-to-face, and ebook functionality. The touchscreens will be built by a start-up by former OLPC CTO Mary Lou Jepsen. These screens will be readable in direct sunlight, just like the OLPC. I’m glad that the second generation OLPC is more of an ebook than a laptop. While… Read More

  • New OLPC revealed: OLPC Dual Screen!

    If the first OLPC XO laptop was considered a fashion item, just think how popular this thing will be. Of course, at the moment it’s only a little bit more real than fairy dust, and the idea that it will cost $75 in 2010 is laughable, but you have to admire the project’s ambition. At half the size of the original OLPC, the new XO DS (as I’m calling it) will sport dual… Read More

  • Nature or nuture: XO Laptops will now run Windows

    The XO Laptop (or the OLPC, whatever you want to call it) will now run Windows, giving children around the world the opportunity to dislike Microsoft as much as we do. I think we alluded to the sort of problems they’ll have in last week’s Sweater Friends. OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte said the use of Windows “enhances [its] ability” to “transform… Read More

  • Microsoft to offer limited XP to low-cost PC makers

    Microsoft has unveiled a plan under which a somewhat crippled version of XP will be made available to the makers of low-cost PCs like the Eee PC and XO laptop. I’m not sure how I feel about this; at $25 it’s practically free, but the arbitrary hardware limitations Microsoft is imposing are, I think, kind of despicable: the PC vendors that make ULPCs must limit screen sizes to… Read More

  • OLPC to become OLPXPC as program switches from Linux to Windows

    The XO laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project was originally supposed to make inroads into the developing world and low-income areas for the free and open source community. But OLPC’s founder thinks that the Sugar OS is scaring off investors and buyers alike. He says: "One can be an open-source advocate without being an open-source fundamentalist." Which is true, but… Read More

  • Overclocking the OLPC for fun and profit

    It was just a matter of time before someone overclocked the hell out of one of these things. Thanks to a user named bdleonard over at the OLPC News Forum, you can really kick that 433MHz AMD Geode up a couple notches. One user was able to get his humming along at 566MHz, although he did report that the back of the screen got “noticeably warmer.” Anyway, it’s not for the faint… Read More

  • Germany is so rich they have TWO laptops per child

    Actually, this is the Austrian OLPC group’s booth. Nothing to see here but it’s cool that the Germanics are taking an interest in this project. Read More

  • UK's £99 'Elonex ONE' to enter student notebook game

    Move over OLPC, here comes another “ONE.” That was terrible, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Coming February 28th to the toughest, meanest industry show in all of the United Kingdom (Education Show 2008), the ONE is setting up to bear its lower-power, open-source fangs for all the world to see. Details include this beautiful stick-figure-computer photo, a £99 price tag… Read More

  • The Reg takes on the OLPC XO

    Ever a trustable resource, The Register has completed its full review of the OLPC XO laptop. The verdict? I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Actually, I do: they are pleased, but cautious and critical of several bits. The browser is lacking somewhat (though Opera has an XO port), the flat file browsing scheme (no folders or containers) is unintuitive for most people who have grown up… Read More

  • OLPC coming to America, misses Intel's loving arms

    The OLPC is setting up base in DC and looking to get their low cost laptops into the hands of America’s youth based on three major factors. I never knew patriotism had anything to do with empowering youth with the Internet, but that’s one reason the OLPC is coming to America. By bringing the project stateside, they’ll be building ‘critical mass’ as the… Read More

  • No love lost between the OLPC project and Intel

      A week ago, Intel announced that it was leaving the OLPC project due to various disagreements between the two groups. OLPC software and content president Walter Bender doesn’t seem too misty-eyed about it. When asked by ABC News what effect Intel’s departure would have on the program, Bender replied, “Zero. Intel had contributed nothing. They contributed nothing to… Read More