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Remember Jitterbug Phones For Seniors? Here’s The iPad Equivalent

Remember <a href="http://www.greatcall.com/jitterbug/">Jitterbug</a>, the big-buttoned phones for seniors that made using those confusing, new-fangled cellphone thingies so much easier to handle? Well

Clarity announces iPhone killer for seniors

The ClarityLife C900 succeeds in so many places that the iPhone fails that it’s not even funny. First of all, it’s unlocked and, at $269.95, it’s not that much more expensive than an iPhone with

Allstate testing video games to lower insurance rates

Drivers in Pennsylvania between the ages of 50 and 75 will get to test out a new program by Allstate that’ll attempt to determine whether playing video games makes for better drivers. The pilot prog

SkyMall selling hearing aid that looks like a Bluetooth headset

I saw this in the SkyMall catalog a few days ago while flying and I thought it was ridiculous. I saw it again randomly on the Internet and decided you guys needed to see it. I’m like that. It&#8

More senior PCs coming from Microsoft

Microsoft already makes so-called senior PCs here in the U.S., computers that are aimed at older folk, but it announced in London at some conference that it plans to bring senior PCs over to the UK as

ClarityLife: A simple-yet-cool phone for the geriatric set

We’ve discussed special cellphones for the elderly and infirm before, but the new Clarity phone is actually fairly appealing. The Jitterbug was a little condescending in our tastes, and was mayb

Shock: BestBuy will sell DTV converter boxes this month

[photopress:bbdtv.jpg,full,center] Flickr’d Y’all probably already know about the switch to all-digital TV next year, but for every one of you who do, how many don’t? 1? 2? 3?! Only

Bill Clinton sends first text message

Apparently a couple of days ago at CTIA, former president Bill Clinton sent his first text message to his wife Hillary. ZDNet’s Russell Shaw says, "Another example of how most politicians a

Will Facebook's older users drive away all the young kids?

Now that old people have discovered Facebook, will The Kids still like it? An important question to be sure, especially now that companies like Microsoft are prepared to throw $lots Zuckerberg’s

Old Swedish Lady Gets World's Fastest Internet Connection

Although likely 39.99999 Gigabits more than she actually needs, Sigbritt Löthberg now has a 40 Gbps internet connection. She’s never owned a computer until now but she did give birth to some fa

Old Crap-Ass Phones That Cost Way Too Much

If you’ve got too much money, loathe technology, and can’t stand the weird smell of your local GoodWill store, AbleCom will sell you a dumpy-ass old phone for way more than it’s wort

Calming Lamp for the Crazy and Cantakerous

If you’re old or crazy (or a little of both, like our editors) then you might find yourself looking at a White Noise Lamp. The post-modern stylings are about more than just artistic aesthetics,

Presto: It's for Printing!

A new service has launched that aims to bring the joys of receiving emails to the Luddite horde. Presto uses a special printer designed by HP. The printer hooks up to a regular phone line, no need for