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  • OK Go's New Game Say the Same Thing

    OK Go’s Damian Kulash Explains Why His Band Built Its Own Mobile Game

    OK Go (the band behind hit music videos like “This Too Shall Pass” and “Here It Goes Again”) launched its very own game for iOS and Android earlier this month. Titled Say The Same Thing, you play the game with one of your friends or with a randomly chosen player. (If you sign up now, you can also participate in a temporary promotion where people are randomly selected… Read More

  • OK Go's amazing Rube Goldberg music video

    So you thought OK Go was a one trick pony, right? They did the old treadmill trick and we were all like “Wow! Amazing!” but take a look at this action. These guys basically recorded this in a single shot, arriving in their places with just as all sorts of crazy things happen. Read More