• Virtual Piggy, A Paypal For Minors, Rebrands As Oink After It Buys Domain From Kevin Rose’s Milk

    Virtual Piggy, A Paypal For Minors, Rebrands As Oink After It Buys Domain From Kevin Rose’s Milk

    Oink — a user-review app created by Kevin Rose’s startup lab Milk before Milk was acquired by Google and Rose later joined Google Ventures — never made it past its six-month birthday, but today the name and domain at least are getting another lease of youthful life. Virtual Piggy, a payments service aimed at minors (COPPA-compliant, with parental controls and an educational… Read More

  • Jotly Lives! Parody App Goes Live In iTunes

    Jotly Lives! Parody App Goes Live In iTunes

    You remember Jotly, right? The hilarious and absurd spoof of our mobile/local/social app obsession? To refresh your memory, Jotly’s humor was so on target, people wondered if creator Alex Cornell (founder of Nosh) was actually making fun of Kevin Rose’s Oink with this parody video. He swears he was not, just of the “proliferation of absolute ridiculousness when it comes to… Read More

  • Oink Hits 100K Downloads, With 100K Items Added In Under Three Weeks

    Oink Hits 100K Downloads, With 100K Items Added In Under Three Weeks

    In two and a half weeks since its launch, micro-recommendation app Oink has clocked in a 100k downloads, with a symmetrical 100k items added and tagged. A product of Kevin Rose’s Milk Studios, Rose tells me that the app is now seeing a new Oink (rating) every four seconds and almost a million user sessions. The app has also dropped the “Oink Builder” label and the invite… Read More

  • Jotly Creator Swears He’s Not Making Fun Of Oink

    Jotly Creator Swears He’s Not Making Fun Of Oink

    So Nosh founder Alex Cornell came up with and shot a promo video of this parody app that allows you to review anything in the world, “launching” it on October 3rd. This is doubly hilarious because a week after the world met Jotly, superfounder Kevin Rose launched Oink, which is also an app that allows you to review anything in the world EXCEPT IT’S REAL. And really noisy. Read More

  • Milk's First Project Revealed: Oink, A Mobile App To Vote, Rank, And Share

    As we heard in April, Kevin Rose and former Digg designer Daniel Burka have teamed up to start Milk, a mobile app development lab in San Francisco. The company also raised $1.5 million from a number of all-star investors, including our own Michael Arrington. Now, we’ve just found a little more information on the first app that will be debuting from the incubator, Oink. It appears from… Read More

  • One year later: Remembering OiNK's Pink Palace

    One year ago today OiNK’s Pink Palace was shut down by police. It’s only appropriate to pour one out for it today. OiNK had been in operation for a little over three years; I had joined exactly one year before it was shut down, invited to the party by CrunchGear alum Vince Veneziani, who’s now kicking about over at GearFuse. Be sure to say hi. The thing about OiNK (and… Read More

  • Study says music industry needs to embrace BitTorrent sites

    A new study says what we’ve been saying for God knows how long: [music] piracy is here to stay. It’s now up to the industry to figure out how to move forward. The study, by the MCPS-PRS Alliance (the record companies) and Big Champagne (they measure stuff online!), looked at piracy through the lens of Radiohead’s In Rainbows, the album that was released last fall as a… Read More

  • OiNK: Six were arrested last week, shared 'advance' music

    More information has emerged on the OiNK-related arrests of last week. (Please don’t call it “oinkgate;” The “gate” suffix is banned here.) A total of six people were arrested in Cleveland (in the UK), all of them for sharing “pre-release” albums. All those ADVANCEs you downloaded? They range in age from 19 to 33. Oh, boy, this is getting… Read More

  • For seeding a single album, arrests made in OiNK BitTorrent tracker case: report

    A former OiNK user was arrested last week, TorrentFreak has learnt. The user, who was not identified, was later released on bail. More arrests are expected. This news should concern a lot of us here, I’m going to assume. For one, if the police are involved, and not some anti-piracy watchdog like MediaDefender, it suggests that the post-OiNK investigations are criminal in nature (as… Read More

  • Does the invitation system used by private BitTorrent sites still work?

    [photopress:vuzesplash.jpg,full,center] Does the current invitation system used by so-called private BitTorrent sites need to be changed? TorrentFreak, a source of inspiration to nearly everyone on staff here, thinks out loud about this very subject in a recent column. At first, these private sites were largely under the radar of the average after school pirate. A small, trustworthy user base… Read More

  • Latest 2600 magazine asks what happened to the warez scene

    [photopress:2600winter08.jpg,full,right] We wrote a brief primer on piracy a few months ago, discussing the ins and outs of several different methods of getting your free, daily fix of music, movies and software. This quarter’s issue of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly (you can usually find it semi-hidden in the computer magazine section of Barnes & Noble) has an article on piracy you… Read More

  • What.cd? to create all-new, faster site code; also, a few site invites

    What.cd?, one of the two main OiNK successors, is developing an entirely new set of site code, promising to be faster and more secure than the old TBsource. (TBsource is used by several private BitTorrent trackers and is among the least efficient and horrifying code to look at. So I’m told. I don’t speak programmer language.) It’s going by the name of Project Gazelle, which… Read More

  • The Pirate Bay cancels its OiNK replacement, BOiNK, suggests you find other trackers

    First OiNK died, then came the replacements. Now one of those is gone, never having gotten of the ground. BOiNK, the Pirate Bay’s planned all-music BitTorrent tracker, has been cancelled. It seems TPB’s powers that be figured that there were enough OiNK replacements out there, so there was no real reason for yet another one. This leaves Waffles.fm and What.cd?, the former, I… Read More

  • I can't legally download a song? Fine, to the Dark Web I go

    And people wonder why kids these days resort to piracy. I was just browsing Beatport looking for a certain mix of The Gossip’s “Jealous Girls.” Lo and behold it’s on the site, mine for $1.49, which isn’t entirely unreasonable (I once paid $2.49 for a single MP3), especially considering it’s a DRM-free 320kbps MP3. So I go ahead and click “buy,”… Read More

  • Script kiddy attacks What.cd, sends out phony RIAA e-mails

    You know, in this post-OiNK world, music fans can’t be too careful when it comes to picking a new BitTorrent tracker. That’s why when I woke up this morning I was fully convinced that that RIAA had shut down What.cd?, one of the two biggest trackers comprised of former OiNK users (the other being Waffles). It seems someone is out to “get” What.cd? for whatever… Read More

  • A day late and a dollar short, Wired lists OiNK alternatives: Welcome to last week

    Poor Wired. Its post on how to “cheat” the music industry could be one of the lamest I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially Digg bait, despite the fact that, at this point, everyone everywhere has already done such an article, including us. “But it’s up to you to fill in the blanks.” Sure, OK. Listed sites/services include Lala.com, Last.fm, BOiNK (oh, you… Read More

  • So how are the OiNK replacements?

    I’ve gotten into both Waffles and What.CD? and while they don’t quite match OiNK on all levels, it’s still a great effort by both parties. I’ve found myself uploading and using What.CD? more than Waffles though, mostly due to the fact that Waffles is down and sucking. If it boiled down to making a choice right now, I’d definitely choose What.CD?. The funny thing… Read More

  • Trent Reznor used OiNK

    It’s no secret that OiNK was full of different people, ranging from teenagers in high school to accountants from Sweden. Now Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor himself is publicly admitting he used OiNK for pirating music. “I steal music too, I’m not gonna say I don’t” says Reznor. In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Reznor talks about how OiNK was… Read More

  • When Pigs Fly – A different take on the music industry

    Rob over at Demonbaby is pissed. At the music industry, at the takedown of OiNK – everything is driving this guy mad. Hence why he took to his blog and decided to really let the public know the state of today’s music industry. Rob used to work for the big labels from the late 1990s into the 2000s and knows a thing or two about how they work and what they loathe. In the end, as… Read More

  • Yo ho ho snort! Pirate Bay guys resurrecting Oink

    It won’t be private and it won’t have many torrents, but Oink Boink will have the might of TPB behind it, allowing us all to rest easy tonight knowing that you’ll be able to get all your music for free. The best part? The most important thing about BOiNK is perhaps the message it sends out to the IFPI and the BPI: It shows that that if you stop one tracker, others will pop… Read More