oil spill

  • Is Gulf Seafood Safe To Eat? Feds' New Test Says Yes, Not Convincingly

    More than 9,000 square miles of U.S. federal Gulf waters are closed to commercial and recreational fishing today thanks to the BP oil spill. However, government offices today claimed that seafood from the Gulf is basically safe to consume, based on the results from their latest battery of tests. You gonna eat that? Companies responsible for the environmental disaster spilled about 5… Read More

  • MIT's Solar-Powered Robot Prototype Ready To Swarm Upon Oil Spills

    MIT researchers tested the first prototype of the Seaswarm, a pack of robots that use nanotechnology to suck up oil from the surface of the ocean and for immediate processing. When completed, the robots will be able to travel along oil-spilled waters, collecting oil more cheaply and efficiently than oil skimmers. The robots are large: 16 feet in length and seven feet in width. They push a… Read More

  • There's an app to plug the BP oil spill

    Plug the BP oil spill is a free app for your iPhone that lets you use your finger to plug the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. “This makes fun of a bad situation but In a very funny way” reads the product description. It’s a free app, so it’s not like you’re trading hard-earned money for this drivel, but still: is this what we can continue to expect on our… Read More

  • Oil Spill Still Too Slippery To Solve (But Here Are Some Videos)

    So far, an estimated 82 million gallons of oil have leaked into the Gulf of Mexico. Everything BP has tried to stop the largest oil spill in history has failed. The company has tried everything from “junk shots” to “top kill” to containment domes, and is still spending $100 million a day to try to cap the well and clean up the mess. The company is even open to… Read More

  • YouTube's top suggested oil spill clean up methods

    The Gulf of Mexico is a mess and it’s going to take a massive clean-up effort. One method alone isn’t going to cut it alone and YouTube is full of solutions. Soon the Gulf of Mexico might full of hair, hay, pine shavings, fungus and nuclear waste. Read More

  • Russian advice: Nuke the oil spill, that'll fix it!

    Stop the presses~! The Russians have come up with a pretty snazzy way to deal with that oil spill: nuke it all! Why waste time freaking out when you can unleash the power of mass-to-energy conversion, and let Mr. Atom clean up the mess in no time at all? Read More

  • ABC animates the oil spill for better understanding

    People, let’s remember as we bicker over iPad nonsense and 3D movies, there’s an oil bloom larger than some states quickly growing in the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the ABC newscast above is the normal story, but click through to 1:30 mark for a quick time-lapse animation showing the scale of this disaster. It kind of puts it all in perspective. Read More