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  • This $49 Quadcopter Flips, Dips, And Floats

    This $49 Quadcopter Flips, Dips, And Floats

    Why spend a few hundred on a Parrot AR.Drone when you can pop over to Brando and pick up a $49 quadcopter that fits in the palm of your hand and does flips. The Quadcopter uses “New Design Technology” to be “The Most Stable (like the real?) Floating in the AIR.” I’ll let Brando’s breathless authors take it from here: Read More

  • Cheap Plastic For Your Phone's Ass

    Your poor, tired celly. It works long and hard all day long, helping you tell your friends from far away things like, “No way!” and “She said what!?” It deserves a brake. Enter Cell Phone Chairs. They’re not docks, they don’t charge or sync your phone, they just let it hang out. Be kind to your handset. We’re guessing this is aimed at people who bling… Read More