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Chris Burch’s Office Products E-Tailer Poppin Raises Another $17 Million

Attractive, decked-out offices are a good way to attract new talent, which has led many tech companies (and others) to furnish their office spaces via Chris Burch’s workplace products company P

Staples Buys Personalization Startup Runa To Square Up To Amazon In Office Supplies

<a target="_blank" href="">Staples</a> is today announcing an acquisition of San Mateo-based Runa, a specialist in e-commerce personalization technology -- one of a series of rec

Show everyone how green you are with this hand crank paper shredder

<img src="">If all the paper shredders in the world were hand operated like this Eco-Friendly Hand Crank Paper Shredder, it’d save en

Awww, my stapler sucks now

Look at you, you boring old regular non-superhero version of a stapler that sits atop my otherwise paperless workspace. You make me sick. I have half a mind to put you up on eBay in the hopes of garne