Office for iPad

Microsoft’s Office For Android Tablets Comes Out Of Preview

Last November, Microsoft launched a beta of its free Office apps for Android tablets and announced that it would make them generally available for Android tablets in early 2015. It's now early 2015 an

Microsoft Doubles Down On Office For Tablets

This morning, Microsoft announced a number of changes to its Office productivity tools that will expand their mobile availability, and allow more of the public to use the apps for free. Office for i

Office For iPad Apps Have Racked Up 27M Downloads In 46 Days

In just over a month, Office for iPad has picked up another 15 million downloads of its applications. Microsoft reported 12 million downloads in early April, and 27 million today. That's a massive

Google Takes On Microsoft For Productivity Dominance Of Apple’s Mobile Platform

Earlier today Google released Docs and Sheets, two productivity applications for iOS. The unified apps work across iPhone and iPad devices. The new apps are just picking up their first ratings and

You Can Now Print From Office For iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad has been an almost embarrassing success for its progenitor, comfortably retaining three of the top slots in the iOS app store since its release. For days after release, Word,

Ballmer, Not Nadella, Gave The Go-Ahead To Ship Office For iPad, Which Has Racked Up 12M Downloads

Office for iPad has seen 12 million downloads to date, and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made the decision to pull the trigger and release the suite, according to the company. Microsoft's Offi

After Launching In 135 Markets, Word For iPad Is #1 In 120 Countries

Microsoft's Office suite for iPad continues to dominate the iOS app store days after its release, retaining the top three free slots in the U.S. App Store, with Word, Excel and PowerPoint retaining th

Office For iPad Is A Hit: Word Jumps To #1 In US, Excel To #3, PowerPoint To #4

Microsoft built it, and they came: Office for iPad is enjoying a big first day, with Word for iPad becoming the most popular app for the device in the United States just five hours after it went live.

Apple Gets Its 30% Take On Office 365 Subscriptions Microsoft Sells Through Office For iPad

Microsoft is not just placating user demand with the Office for iPad apps it launched today; it’s also selling Office 365 subscriptions directly within the app. Those subs are worth a pretty pen

Microsoft And Office In A Multi-Platform World

This morning Microsoft unveiled and launched Office for iPad, as well as new tools to help companies manage devices that run on platforms other than Windows. The move, while expected, underscored a