UK broadband giant BT agrees to legal separation from pipes-controller, Openreach

Startups in the U.K. will be hoping for better performance from the local broadband market after telecoms regulator Ofcom agreed to a deal with the country's largest broadband provider, BT, to legally

UK report finds rising digital privacy concerns

A comprehensive study of Brits' usage of and attitudes to digital media, conducted annually by telecoms watchdog Ofcom, suggests there is growing concern among web and app users about the privacy of t

U.K. Kids Increasingly Credulous Online, Finds Ofcom

While there has been high profile U.K. government backing for furnishing the nation's youth with digital skills in recent years, including a requirement in the English national curriculum to start tea

U.K. Web Users Now Prefer To Do It With Smartphones

U.K. web users now see their smartphone as the most important device for getting online, overtaking the previous most popular device, the laptop, according to a study of Brits' digital habits.

U.K. Push For Better Broadband For Startups

U.K. telecoms regulator Ofcom has called for more to be done to improve broadband services for startups and SMEs, publishing a report assessing the problem and setting out an action plan to improve br

U.K. Moves Closer To Liberating Its White Spaces Spectrum

The U.K. telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has officially green-lit the launch of white spaces spectrum, and suggests commercial deployments making use of the freed up frequencies could go live by the end of

UK Regulator Sets Out Priorities For Growing The Internet Of Things

The U.K.'s telecoms regulator Ofcom has identified four areas it plans to prioritize in order to support the development of the Internet of Things, after taking input from various industry "stakeholde

Social Network Website Use Dips In U.K. And U.S. — Study

The use of social networking websites such as Facebook has dipped in the U.S and U.K., according to research conducted by U.K. telecoms regulator, Ofcom. Visits to 'traditional' social networks also f

One In Three U.K. Children Now Owns A Tablet — Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp Use Also Rising

Last October research put out by the UK's telecoms regulator, Ofcom, highlighted rising usage of tablets among kids. Unsurprisingly that trend has continued, with Ofcom's 2014 annual report exploring

Digital News Finally As Popular As Newspapers In The UK

Reports of the death of print have been greatly accelerated, judging by research from UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom. The research has found that in the UK digital news, consumed via apps or the Internet,

Tablets Becoming Must-Have Device For Kids Of All Ages, Ofcom Research Finds

Research by U.K. telecoms regulator Ofcom has found that growing numbers of younger kids, especially, are turning to tablets to watch videos, play games and access the Internet. But tablet usage among

Don’t Tell The Kids: U.K. Social Networking Growth Strongest Among Middle-Age & Senior Internet Users, Says Ofcom

New research released by the U.K.'s telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has flagged up significant growth in social networking among older Internet users -- which is helping to offset lower rates of growth in

U.K. Fixed & Mobile Broadband Services Compare Well To Major EU Economies, Says Ofcom

The U.K. has the highest proportion of online individuals out of the five leading economies in the EU, according to telecoms regulator Ofcom which has compared the U.K.'s fixed and mobile broadband pe

EE, Three, BT, Vodafone, O2 All Win 4G Spectrum In The UK, But £2.3B In Bids Falls Short Of The £3.5B Expected

Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, has just <a target="_blank" href="http://media.ofcom.org.uk/2013/02/20/ofcom-announces-winners-of-the-4g-mobile-auction/?utm_source=updates&utm_medium=email

From 3G To 4G: U.K. Telecoms Regulator Consults On Liberalising All Spectrum Licences In 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz, 2,100 MHz Bands

The fallout from Ofcom's March 2012 decision to allow the company now known as EE to refarm existing 2G spectrum to build a 4G network continues. Now EE's rivals, Vodafone and Three, have asked the U.

U.K. 4G/LTE Spectrum Bidding Gets Underway, Networks Expected To Launch By Late Spring/Summer

It's taken a long time for the U.K. telecoms regulator to be in a position to fire the starting gun on the auction for 4G-suitable spectrum but bidding to acquire the up to 250 MHz of additional mobil

U.K. Telecoms Watchdog Wants Consumers To Be Able To Exit Contracts Without Paying A Penalty If Prices Go Up Mid-Term

U.K. telecoms regulator Ofcom is proposing to change the rules on fixed contracts for mobile, landline and broadband services to prevent providers forcing price hikes on existing customers. Ofcom's cu

U.K. 4G Auction Process Kicks Off: Applications For 800MHz, 2.6GHz Spectrum Now Being Accepted

The U.K.'s 4G auction process has kicked off, with bidders having until 16:00 GMT today to submit their bids, along with a £100,000 deposit. The window for bidders to submit opened at 10:00 GMT this

As Europe Bats Around ACTA, UK Proposes Rules For ISPs Policing Copyright Breaches

With Europe <a target="_blank" href="http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120625/12333619468/eu-commissioner-reveals-he-will-simply-ignore-any-rejection-acta-european-parliament-next-week.shtml">prepari