• Giant Gundam statue to make a comeback next year

    He’ll be back: The awesome 1/1 scale Gundam statue that was erected on Tokyo’s artificial island Odaiba in June and that was deconstructed in September this year, will be seen again in its full glory. We reported several times about the statue, which stands 60 feet tall and shows some cool special effects (see video below). Read More

  • Typhoon warning: Deconstruction of Gundam statue in Tokyo postponed

    Japan has been loving the Gundam animes series for 30 years, and in June, toy maker Bandai erected a 60-foot, moving Gundam robot statue in Odaiba, a futuristic island in Tokyo bay (we reported several times). Bandai originally planned to deconstruct the big guy today, but postponed all work for a couple days due to bad weather (typhoons can get pretty nasty over here). Read More