Occipital’s Structure Sensor Mark II is a smaller and much improved 3D scanner for your iPad

Back in 2013, Occipital (a company then best known for making the RedLaser barcode scanning app) released the Structure Sensor, a device that turned any iPad you strapped it to into a portable 3D scan

Building a robot? Occipital wants to provide the eyes

A few years back, Occipital released a sensor that turned your iPad into a portable 3D scanner. Called the Occipital Structure, it packed lasers and cameras into a snap-on package that let the iPad be

Occipital closes $12M more as it strives to build a ‘perception engine’

Sensors are growing more and more sophisticated as we build machines that can interpret the world with more precision than we can. Occipital is aiming to do this as effectively and cheaply as possible

Occipital launches low-cost AR/VR tracking platform for all-in-one headsets

Some of the most annoying parts of today’s virtual reality hardware are all the wires and the sensors needed to accurately track the headset. With all-in-ones, all of that hardware has to find i

Occipital shows off a $399 mixed reality headset for iPhone

Mobile VR is an Android game, but as more and more rumors flourish about the next iPhone, some companies are looking to get developers ready to bring iOS users into the world of VR. Occipital announce

Occipital launches $500 dev kit to turn your iPhone into a room-scale tracked VR headset

For iOS or Mac users interested in VR, there isn’t a lot you can do right now without migrating to the dark sides of Android or Windows. Occipital is aiming to get people on the iOS platform acc

Occipital Buys Replica Labs To Help Turn Your Living Room Into A Video Game Sooner

As the tech world chips away at making virtual reality a Thing™, augmented reality — VR’s less-flashy-but-equally-awesome cousin, the idea of blending 3D models and visuals into a view of th

Occipital Raises $13M Series B For Its Computer Vision Platform

Occipital made its first splash years ago with the RedLaser barcode scanning app and 360 Panorama app. Since then, however, it has moved into the 3D scanning and computer vision space and the company

Occipital Raises $1M (And Counting) On Kickstarter To Bring 3D Scanning To The Masses

Boulder & SF-based startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.occipital.com">Occipital </a>is probably still best known for its Red Laser and 360Panorama apps, but it confirmed today that it rais

Occipital’s New Structure Sensor Turns Your iPad Into A Mobile 3D Scanner

The folks at Boulder/San Francisco-based <a target="_blank" href="http://www.occipital.com">Occipital</a> are very much software people -- the company's RedLaser app was a big hit in the early App Sto

Occipital Releases One Of The First High Quality 3D Scanners For OS X

While Windows 3D scanning software has until now outperformed any Apple counterpart, Occipital Inc. plans to remedy that today with the launch of Skanect for OS X. Originally developed by France-based

Four Perspectives On Augmented Reality And Its Future

Augmented reality (AR) -- the term does not exactly jump off the tongue. But the concepts behind the technology are beginning to change what we think of ourselves, objects and the people in the world

Occipital Brings Seamless Barcode Scanning To The iPhone With RedLaser

<img src="https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/rllogo.png" width="200" height="183" /> Now that the new iPhone 3G S has a video camera, TechStars startup <a href="http://www.occipital.co

TechStars Demo Day: Acquisitions Galore As Twelve Companies Strut Their Stuff

<img src="https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/demoday.png" class="shot2" /> Today <a href="http://www.techstars.org/">TechStars</a> held its third Demo Day, offering a dozen of its star

Ten Startups Debut At TechStars Demo Day

Editor’s note: The following on-the-ground report comes from Don Dodge, who blogs at The Next Big Thing and is a business development executive for Microsoft. He is in Boulder, Colorado today at