object storage

Nvidia acquires data storage and management platform SwiftStack

Nvidia today announced that it has acquired SwiftStack, a software-centric data storage and management platform that supports public cloud, on-premises and edge deployments. The company’s recent

Scaleway adds object storage

Cloud hosting company Scaleway is launching object storage in public beta. The company uses an Amazon S3-compatible API, which means you could easily replace your Amazon S3 bucket with a Scaleway buck

OpenIO raises $5 million to build your own Amazon S3 on any storage device

French startup OpenIO just raised $5 million from Elaia Partners, Partech Ventures and Nord France Amor├žage. The company has been focusing on object storage technology for different kinds of infrastr

Digital Ocean launches Spaces, its object storage service

Digital Ocean today announced Spaces, its object storage service. This complements the company's block storage service. Both of these services have different use cases, of course; unlike the block sto

Minio scores $20 million Series A to build a neutral object storage layer

Minio has a plan to become the neutral object storage layer, while still maintaining Amazon S3 object storage compatibility. That may seem like an odd strategy, but as CEO Anand Babu Periasamy, co-fou