• Twitter Launches Its Own Political Barometer To Track U.S. Presidential Elections

    Twitter Launches Its Own Political Barometer To Track U.S. Presidential Elections

    Twitter just announced the launch of its Twitter Political Index. This index, says Twitter, is “a daily measurement of Twitter users’ feelings towards the candidates as expressed in nearly two million Tweets each week.” Every day, twitter will evaluate and weigh the sentiment of tweets mentioning both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney relative to every other message that… Read More

  • Obama Hits Up Silicon Valley One More Time With $35K+ Sheryl Sandberg Dinner

    Obama Hits Up Silicon Valley One More Time With $35K+ Sheryl Sandberg Dinner

    Silicon Valley, President Obama just can’t quit you. In the Bay Area and free this weekend? Got 35K to toss around? Well if you’ve ever wanted to meet an in-office President now’s your chance to attend an Obama fundraiser dinner, going down at Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s house in Atherton on Sunday the 25th. Read More

  • Obama-Zuckerberg and Expeditionary Economics

    Thanks to the revolutions happening in the Middle East, our leaders have been touting social media as the new force for democracy. President Obama went out of his way to schmooze Facebook employees this week. He told them that when it comes to solving the challenges our country faces and to precipitating changes in the rest of the world, they were “at the cutting edge of… Read More

  • President Obama Wants A ‘Cool’ Phone

    There’s a good chance that your office or home is more tricked out, tech-wise, than the Oval Office. President Obama complained yesterday, in what the AP calls “off-the-cuff remarks,” that what the Oval Office lacks is a “really cool phone.” Can someone get the president a Droid or something? Read More

  • President Obama Owns His Own Computer

    President Obama spoke to Univision yesterday at one of those town hall meetings the TV networks like to organize. What’s pertinent to us here is that our president, the man who’s famous for carrying a BlackBerry wherever he goes, does, in fact, own his own computer. Read More

  • Good Thing For Green Tech? GE Chief, Jeff Immelt, To Chair Obama's Council On Jobs

    On Friday, President Obama appointed General Electric’s chief executive, Jeff Immelt — an advocate for carbon cap-and-trade — chairman of his panel of outside economic advisors, the newly branded Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. GE is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of clean energy and related technologies. The company makes everything from large wind… Read More

  • Video: Obama Meeting Japanese Robots

    The APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) 2010 summit, which high-ranking politicians of 21 countries attended (and which ended yesterday), isn’t normally something of interest for CrunchGear. But this time, the event was held in Japan, which used the opportunity to show off its dominant position in robotics. Read More

  • White House To Install Solar Panels By Next Spring

    Our very own White House is going green. Well, trying to go green. Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the White House by next spring, ending all of our nation’s problems in one fell swoop. Read More

  • Michelle Obama Program Blames Sony PlayStation For Making America's Children Fat

    Consuming more calories than you use makes you fat. That’s a fact, Jack. Figuring out where these calories come from, OK, that’s a noble endeavor, but let’s not pretend there’s anything secret going on here. Like, you see this graphic here? It’s the winner of some Michelle Obama-headed design contest to help folks figure out how to best fight childhood obesity. Read More

  • Behind Healthcare.gov: How Washington Is Drawing Inspiration From Silicon Valley, Twitter

    “We were working 24/7, working in very, very rapid cycles, with very, very short deadlines and milestones. We were working in a very, very nimble hyper consumer focused way…all fused in this kind of maelstrom of pizza, Mountain Dew, and all nighters, and you know idealism.” That may sound like the caffeine-fueled, sleep-deprived rant of a typical Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Read More

  • Obama Shines Light on Solar with $2B Investment

    In his weekly address on Saturday, President Obama announced the Department of Energy will loan almost $2 billion to two solar energy companies: Abengoa Solar and Abound Solar Manufacturing. The loans will go towards developing solar energy plants. With the funding, Abengoa will build a solar plant in Arizona that can power 70,000 homes. When completed in 2013, the plant will be one of… Read More

  • Relax: President Obama will not flip an Internet kill switch

    Part of me wishes President Obama would flip that so-called “Internet kill switch.” Imagine: a world without the Internet! That would be grand, indeed. But let’s not indulge in fantasies: there is no such kill switch. Well, there is, but it’s not as if the president is going to say, “I disagree with Nicholas’ opinion of anti-virus protection, I’m going… Read More

  • Isn't President Obama a little busy to be concerning himself with kids downloading pop songs?

    Apparently there was some sort of media summit in Abu Dhabi recently, and a big topic of discussion was copyright infringement. (I think we need to reserve the word “piracy” for actual, sea-faring piracy, not kids grabbing the random Sublime song off LimeWire.) Rupert Murdoch called on governments to stop copyright infringers, asking them to punish them as they would shoplifters. Read More

  • Video: Obama's State Of The iPad Address

    Remember those guys who made those nifty Google Wave movie mash-up videos? You know, the ones with Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting? Well, they’re at it again, with the new hot ticket in town: the iPad. Whirled Creative has made a mash-up of yesterday’s iPad announcement and President Obama’s first State of the Union Address from last night. Those who were concerned that… Read More

  • President Obama's policies have pushed the Doomsday Clock back by one minute

    Way to go, President Obama! Thanks to your bold and forward-thinking policies, the Doomsday Clock has been moved back by one minute! That means Planet Earth is “one minute” further away from utter destruction! Well, destruction brought about by man himself; an asteroid can still smash into the planet and we’d all be doomed. Or, as we’ve seen in Haiti this week, some… Read More

  • Survey: Boys want to play video games with President Obama, girls with Miley Cyrus

    Right now, if I could play a round of Multiplayer Game 2: The Sequel with anyone in the whole world, it’d probably be either Manuel Zelaya or The Situation from Jersey Shore. Zelaya because I’d could ask, “So what’s it like to be the first South American leader in a really long time to be illegally ousted in a coup?” Then I’d tell The Situation… Read More

  • Bizarre trailer for Japanese erotic video game features Obama

    The market for video and computer games featuring erotic content, the so-called eroge, is huge in Japan. As a lot of smaller and independent software companies are battling it out in a highly competitive field, you often come across a lot of bizarre stuff (I’ve heard). School girl- or tentacle-themed games, for example, are especially popular (although the bulk of the latter are… Read More

  • Obama, Does It Take Winning A Nobel To Get An Email From You? What #Obamashould Do.

    Editor’s note: Below is an open letter to our President from guest author Edo Segal, a concerned web geek who cares about the future of our democracy. It is followed by a proposal and a new website for anyone who thinks they know what #obamashould do (cynics please skip post). Mr President, On the night of your acceptance speech, just before you walked on stage, “you” sent… Read More

  • Ever hate a gadget so much that you destroy it?

    You guys gotta hear this. There’s a 78-year-old woman who, for whatever reason, hates the president so much that she has decided to sell her two TVs! (What’s more impressive is that the woman even has a working TV post-digital transition.) Read More

  • Yes we can put Obama's face on a thumbdrive and sell it for $9.99

    Are you into our President? Prove it by carrying this Obama 2GB flash drive from Active Media Products. You’d be pretty hard-pressed to say that this was anything other than a cynical marketing ploy, but whatevs, it’s the POTUS! Read More

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