NZXT Gets Into The CPU Cooling Business With The Havik 140

I spent quite a while deciding on the fan for my new system, and although I’m happy with the one I got, It would have been nice to have this new Havik 140 from NZXT in the running as well. Mainl

NZXT's H2 Case Is The Strong, Silent Type

<img src="" />I'm in the middle of putting together a PC right now, and I just can't believe the amount of stress people seem to put

NZXT's Bunker Locks Down Your USB Devices So LAN Rogues Won't Steal Them

<img src="" />If you spend a lot of time at LAN parties, or maybe have a dorm room with its door constantly open, you might be a lit

NZXT's Phantom case does a whole lot but doesn't look completely ridiculous

<img src="" />How do you guys feel about PC cases these days? Are you a fan of the over-the-top styling that <i>so many</i> of them feature,

The NZXT Sentry LXE just made fan controllers sexy

<img src="">You know you want this fan controller. You don't even knew what it does and you still want it. I'm right there with

NZXT's Vulcan is probably the sweetest Micro-ATX case out there

<img src="" />I've never succumbed to the Micro-ATX temptation, but I can see the draw. Not everyone has room for a full tower under t

NZXT launches new Hades gaming case

<img src="" /><a href="">NZXT</a> announced the launch of their new chassis (don't call it a case)

NZXT releases the updated Tempest EVO gaming chassis

The NZXT Tempest is a great case. It’s, has tons of room, a sleek look, and amazing airflow. But it seems everyone’s chief complaint is that it’s very loud. The newly redesigned Temp

NZXT's Lexa PC case is angular and attractive

<img src="" />As a general rule, I tend not to like the flashy, semi-transparent, radically-designed PC cases. They're for the showboats,

Last call for our NZXT gaming gear contest

We’ve had a good amount of screenshots submitted for our screenshot contest, but you still have time to submit yours before the contest ends tomorrow. It’s easy. Just head over to this pos

NZXT gaming gear contest update

Our NZXT gaming gear contest is well underway and we’ve had a good amount of true gamers enter. Your chances of winning this gear is so much greater in this contest than our other giveaways part

Contest: Win a bunch of NZXT gaming gear

We’ve got some NZXT gaming gear to giveaway, but we want to ensure that it goes to a gamer and not some chump that will flip the stuff on Ebay. So we’re actually asking you to do something

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Panzerbox

<img src="" />Gamers rejoice! No longer will you need to make that painful decision of whether to skimp on power in order to g

Review: NZXT Whisper PC case

<img src="" />If you're looking to upgrade your computer's case one of these days, consider moving into a nice spacious one like the Whisper

Review: NZXT Avatar gaming mouse

It’s that time again, kiddies. Today we take a look at NZXT’s first foray into mouse country. Are they naturals? Find out above in video form or below in plain text and pictures.

10 Days of CrunchGear: Avatarred and feathered

Spartans! Tonight we game in hell! With the Avatar!!!. Introducing the first gaming mouse from the award winning NZXT design team, as with all of NZXT’s PC accessories, Avatar is designed to pro

10 Days of CrunchGear: The NZXT effect

We proposate that you will enjoymentize the following pieces of computerization system hardware. We offerate the Tempest case and the Sentry LX dual bay fan controller for your edification in order to

NZXT Reeks Khaos gaming chassis: ROAR!

NZXT just released the Reeks Khaos gaming chassis with curved plates, two 120 mm fans, and a thick aluminium frame. It will be available in June for $399. It includes 11 5.25″ inch bays for maxi