• ffVC and NYU are mixing researchers with investors in the name of machine intelligence

    ffVC and NYU are mixing researchers with investors in the name of machine intelligence

    The timing was perfect. Just as startups were settling into NYU and ffVC’s new brains-meet-money accelerator, “AI Nexus Lab,” Uber acquired Geometric Intelligence. In a stroke of luck, the startup that would become Uber’s AI lab happened to have been raised by NYU Tandon’s Data Future Labs. Uber’s interest in Geometric helped solidify New… Read More

  • Hublished, the Webinar-Focused Startup Launches

    Hublished, The Platform For Expert Webinars, Goes Live

    Hublished started as a twinkle in the eye of a few college students, but has now received over $150K in seed funding, part of which came from Lawrence Lenihan, partner at FirstMark Capital and an NYU professor. Lenihan taught a class that Ben Borodach, Hublished co-founder was enrolled in, and he treated the entrepreneurial class like a competition, the winner of which would walk home with… Read More

  • Students Code The Night Away At HackNY's Fall Hackathon

    More than 200 students from 33 universities gathered Saturday afternoon to attend HackNY‘s fall Hackathon at New York University‘s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Fourteen companies, including Meetup, Aviary and Drop.io, demoed their APIs before students settled into couches and chairs to brainstorm ideas while noshing on catered burritos. HackNY, a non-profit dedicated… Read More

  • NYU student creates virtual girlfriend: When the king is happy, the queen is happy

    An NYU grad student, Drew Burrows, has invented a virtual girlfriend, sorta like the Japanese. Since the young man is so consumed with his studies, he doesn’t have the time, nor the patience (presumably), to hold a steady girlfriend—so create one, à la Weird Science! The virtual girlfriend is a 2D projection, brought to “life” by infrared sensors. She’ll wiggle… Read More

  • Interesting video of improved robot vision and obstacle navigation

    This is a short video by the NYU splinter of a DARPA-funded project that aims to improve the way robots perceive the world around them (and most importantly, in front of them). As the video notes, the resolution (both temporal and spatial) of current robots’ visual systems is very limited due to data bandwidth and CPU limitations. Consequently, it cannot process its path beyond about… Read More

  • Privacy, security concerns? When colleges require your cellphone number to register for classes [Update2]

    Check out this bureaucratic bullshit. My wonderful school, NYU, now requires students surrender their cellphone number in order to register for Fall classes. It’s all in the name of safety, of course, as are most attacks on liberty. Think of the children, we’re only protecting you, etc. I’ve included the full text of the e-mail, if you’re so inclined. Read More

  • Why I'd trade my vote for an iPod touch

    About a week ago, Drudge ran a headline something to the effect of: SHOCK: NYU STUDENTS WOULD TRADE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE FOR IPOD TOUCH. While I wasn’t part of the poll even though I’m in the journalism building pretty much all day (posting to CG, natch), I think it’s safe to say I’d give up my right to vote for an iPod touch. Why, exactly? Because I’d get more out… Read More

  • Shock: College kid complains that campus computer store rips people off

    I link to this article because A) I go to NYU (don’t go there; go to a real college instead) and B) it has to do with technology. Some kid’s computer crashed, right, and took it to the campus computer store. Right there I’d call him a dope because anyone who’s spent more than five seconds in there knows how outrageously overpriced it is. (I’m pretty sure blank CDs… Read More

  • How NYU Handles Piracy: Don't Get Caught Or Else…

    Piracy kills kittens, you know Don’t ask, don’t tell. Oh, but if the RIAA catches you, your ass is grass. That’s essentially how New York University, known as NYU to the Haley Joel Osments and Spike Lees and John Biggses of the world, treats piracy on campus. (I’ll be a senior there this fall.) I logged into the school’s main portal today to determine whether or… Read More

  • NYU Supports the Use of Old Ass Computers

    It’s not all touch screens, accelerometers and Google Maps today, my friends. I’m based at NYU’s Bobst library in order to be within shooting distance of the various Apple stores and AT&T stores for today’s festivities. Plus it’s air conditioned. But in my roaming around the library I found these old school computers. Not only have I never seen anything like… Read More