• Sneak Peek At NYT's Latest Online News Reader Prototype

    The New York Times Company is considering the launch of a brand new online news reader that would let people experience the consumption of NYTimes.com content in an entirely new and fairly innovative way. The publisher has reached out to members of its Insight Lab to get some rudimentary feedback on the new reader prototype and to help settle the naming issue. Insight Labs members can test out… Read More

  • Twitter Surges Past Digg, LinkedIn, And NYTimes.com With 32 Million Global Visitors

    How quickly they grow. Remember when Twitter was just a little pipsqueek, with less than 10 million monthly unique visitors to its site worldwide? That was back in February, 2009. Fast-forward to April, and Twitter’s U.S. visitors alone reached 17 million. Now comScore has released its worldwide numbers and it estimates Twitter’s global unique visitors in April, 2009 was a… Read More

  • Now Even The New York Times Is Entering The URL Shortening Arena … Kinda

    Earlier today I covered two new URL shortening services, UnHub and LNK.by, the latest additions to the plethora of basic web applications that many people are growing accustomed to for sharing links on micro-sharing services and social networking sites. And just when I thought I’d had it with that type of service for a while, we caught wind of one that made me raise my eyebrows. Read More