• Herschel goes high tech with its new magic fabric

    Herschel goes high tech with its new magic fabric

    Everyone’s favorite retro backpack maker is heading into the 21st century. The Vancouver-based company has released something called the Sealtech Collection, a grand departure from their olde-timey design and materials. The collection uses a rip-stop material called Sealtech which can reseal itself after a small rip or puncture. The material consists of a grid of nylon threads that is… Read More

  • Rider Nylon guitar for guitar pickin', classically-trained hoboes

    The Blackbird Rider Nylon is a completely travel-proof guitar with a hollow neck and a sound port at the head, creating a big guitar sound in a carbon fiber body. It weighs a mere 3 bounds and is a full guitar – not one of those odd wooden travel guitars. Interestingly, the guitar has the string spacing of a standard nylon string guitar which means you can do all the same flamenco… Read More