Remembering the startups we lost in 2021

When we penned the intro for this piece last year, little did we know that — in many ways — we’d still be deep in it by the time 2021’s feature rolled around. Amid another holiday seas

If 12% is the new 30%, 4% is the new 12%

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. The whole team was aboard for this recording, with Grace and Chris

Twitter acquires distraction-free reading service Scroll to beef up its subscription product

Twitter this morning announced it’s acquiring Scroll, a subscription service that offers readers a better way to read through long-form content on the web, by removing ads and other website clut

Subscription startup Scroll acquires news aggregator Nuzzel

Tony Haile, who previously led analytics company Chartbeat, is trying to rethink the business model for news at his new startup, Scroll. Now he’s adding aggregation and curation to the mix with

Nuzzel unveils NuzzelRank, which scores news sources on ‘authority’

Everyone from Elon Musk to AdBlock Plus wants to tell you which news sources are worth trusting. Now news aggregator Nuzzel is joining in. Specifically, it’s launching NuzzelRank, which founder

Nuzzel launches a ‘Newswire’ for sponsored content

For the first time, news aggregator Nuzzel will include advertising. That doesn't mean you're going to see banner ads popping up all over the startup's app and website. Instead, the Nuzzel Newswire co

Jonathan Abrams from Nuzzel on mobile applications

It’s become a tech truism that the future is here, just not evenly distributed. But we often lose sight of just how unevenly distributed. We are reaching the point of a mobile computer in every hand

Nuzzel Revamps Its Social News App And Raises $1.7M

Social news aggregator Nuzzel is unveiling version 2.0 of its website and app — a version that CEO Jonathan Abrams described as “Nuzzel for Everyone.” Nuzzel previously worked by creatin

Social News Aggregator Nuzzel Enlists Investors From The Media Industry

Nuzzel, the social news startup led by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, is announcing a bunch of new investors today, including Matter, the Knight Foundation-backed incubator for media startups.

Slack Leans On Companies Like Box And Nuzzel To Use “Add To Slack” Buttons For Contextual Integration

Slack’s true power is being a platform. A platform that other tools can plug into and play nice with. The company says there are 80+ of these types of integrations and thousands of developers ha

Nuzzel Adds Custom Feeds To Help You Follow News About Tech, Beer, And Other Topics

News app Nuzzel is giving users a more topic-based approach to reading the news, through a new feature called Custom Feeds. Created by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, Nuzzel's big selling point

Social News Aggregator Nuzzel Raises $1.7M From Lowercase, Homebrew, And Others

<a target="_blank" href="">Nuzzel</a>, the social news startup led by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, says that it has raised $1.7 million in new funding. The news follows

Nuzzel Releases An iPhone News App With Simple Setup And Personalized Alerts

For those of us who have been following social news startup <a target="_blank" href="">Nuzzel</a>, there's been a long wait for the startup today's iPhone launch. I first <a hr

Social News Startup Nuzzel Opens To Everyone, Announces Former Friendster Exec Kent Lindstrom As COO

<a target="_blank" href="">Nuzzel</a>, the social news service created by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, is leaving beta testing and opening to all users. Previously, you

Friendster Founder Jonathan Abrams Raises $1.7M To Start Hiring At Social News Reader Nuzzel

Social news startup <a target="_blank" href="">Nuzzel</a> has raised more than $1.7 million in seed funding. I say "startup," but at this point the only person working full-tim

Friendster Founder Jonathan Abrams Launches Nuzzel: A Fast, Simple, Social News Reader

<a target="_blank" href="">Jonathan Abrams</a>, whose resume as a founder or co-founder includes the <a target="_blank" href="">Founders Den</a> startup wor