• Garmin nüvi 3700 series part of the pre-crime unit

    I think the standalone GPS device is all but dead – I’m a pessimist that way and I know that your parents and mine both use standalone GPSes but that’s because we never showed them how to use the ones on their phones – but Garmin is still churning out some nice-looking models. Read More

  • Video: Turn right to the final frontier with Garmin GPS devices

    Sure this is old as all get out and Star Wars is better than Star Trek, but if you want your Garmin StreetPilot or Nuvi to sound like Scotty on the toilet you can download and install these Star Trek sounds at your leisure. Read More

  • Here comes another Garmin GPS: The 5-inch 1490T nuvi

    Garmin is in the GPS biz and it seems like the company is always outing another unit; last month was the 1300 series. The newly announced 1490T combines everything a drvier would want out of a GPS unit, including free, lifetime traffic alerts, Bluetooth wireless calling, and lane assist mode. All this is displayed on a large 5-inch screen. But wait! There is more! Read More

  • Review: Garmin nuvi 880 GPS

    When I received the Garmin nuvi 880 for review, my initial reaction was a lackluster “Oh great, another GPS.” As usual, I opened it up and started using it without reading the manual. After using it for a few days, I hadn’t really changed my opinion. After reading the manual, though, and really taking advantage of what this GPS offers, my tune changed considerably. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 350 GPS for $180

    Prices for portable GPS devices seem to be dropping like people’s pants at a pants store where there’s some sort of insane pants sale, except you really want to try the pants on before you buy them because you can’t return them due to the insanity of the sale prices. Take the Garmin nuvi 350, for instance. Amazon’s got it for $180, which Navigadget says is down from… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 205 for $149, free shipping

    Crutchfield has a pretty good deal going on the Garmin nuvi 205 GPS device. It’s normally $199 but there’s currently a $30 price break, which brings the price down to $169. You can then use coupon code 3A825 to get another $20 off. So that’s $149 when the dust clears, plus free shipping. Not bad, eh? The device itself has a 3.5-inch touchscreen, preloaded maps of the US… Read More

  • Garmin looks to cover the earth with combined features for nüvi 500 series

    Garmin has combined features from several outdoor and automotive navigators into the nüvi 500 series. The rugged and waterproof units have the capability to transition between driving, bicycling, boating or walking mode. The ability to download geocaches is provided for hiking, and while on the water optional software can provide detailed chart-specific information, including locations of… Read More

  • Nuvio says Garmin stole Nuviphone name

    Nuvio, a hosted PBX reseller, and Garmin are in a tooth and nail fight over the Nuviphone name. Nuvio is claiming that they are infringing on their business a la Apple Inc. v. Apple Records by selling phones under the Nuvi brand. While any normal person wouldn’t be confused by the two, Nuvio’s customer’s aren’t so bright: “While we would have preferred to settle… Read More

  • Hands-on with Garmin's nu nüvi line of GPS gear

    A few days ago you guys got the preview of Garmin’s nuvis. Well, I’d like to confirm that they are as slim and featureless as they seem in the heavily-optimized press shots they released. I fiddled around with them for a bit; the touchscreen is responsive but doesn’t really jump, and the display is nice and bright. The 5000 was great and felt really meaty. Garmin had… Read More

  • Garmin Launches Two New GPS Units

    Today, Garmin announced it would be releasing two new models in its nuvi line of GPS units. The 200W and 250W each come with a high-sensitivity antenna to cut back on size so the case isn’t huge. You’ll find a very welcome 4.3-inch touch-screen on each unit, great for browsing through maps to find the closest McDonalds on the road. Garmin is including over six million points of… Read More

  • Garmin Nuvi 660 Shows Face

    Last week we reported about the Garmin Nuvi 660 getting past the evil monsters at the FCC. Today we have a pic of the new device for you. The most notable feature of this new model is the inclusion of an FM transmitter that can be used to broadcast directions or MP3s to any FM tuner. It also has a widescreen 4.3″ touchscreen display that can project at a resolution of 480 x 272… Read More

  • Garmin Nuvi 660 Gets FCC'ed

    With the apparent success of the 360, Garmin is wasting no time in getting its next Nuvi GPS through the door and out to market. The Nuvi 660 is the latest in the product line to get the FCC stamp. In addition to a wider 4.3″ display, the new model features an FM transmitter that can presumably be used to to broadcast driving directions over car stereos. It also has GTM20 and GTM21… Read More