This company will tell you which vitamins and supplements to take based on your DNA

Nutrigene believes your genes may hold the secret to what you might be missing in your diet. The company will send you tailor-made liquid vitamin supplements based on a lifestyle quiz and your DNA.

Study: Seasons have little effect on dieting app reporting but the day of week does

If you’ve gotten three apps and a Fitbit so you can get skinnier this year, don’t worry so much about summer beach season or holiday weight gain. Instead, worry about Thursday. Researchers

FitGenie is applying AI to automate nutrition planning

It may well turn out, as technologists are already suspecting, thatĀ AI makes everything better. But plenty of startup founders are still in the experimental phase of figuring out whether -- or maybe

Care/of takes on the vitamin industry with customized nutrition packs

There’s no end to the bottles, packs and pills of various nutritional supplements out there, but vitamin startup Care/of plans to stand out by tailoring the vitamins you pop to your specific nee

Zesty hires Nate Keller, Will Douillet to ramp up healthy corporate catering

Food delivery startup Zesty is rolling out its office catering service beyond San Francisco to locations throughout the Silicon Valley peninsula, and has brought on two food and hospitality executives

Nootrobox Launches Its “Smart Drugs” Subscription Service

Subscription-based “box of the month” services have been fairly hit-or-miss so far. While someĀ like Birchbox are still going strong, elsewhere, smaller startups – and even experimen

Kurbo Health Debuts A Mobile Service To Help Fight Childhood Obesity

This afternoon on the TechCrunch Disrupt stage in New York, Kurbo Health debuted its mobile subscription service designed to teach children -- and their families -- how to eat healthy. The overall ide

Sources: Munchery Raising An Additional $20M For Its Gourmet Meal Delivery Service

San Francisco-based Munchery, the startup that offers prepared gourmet meals on demand, is in the process of raising a new $20 million funding round, multiple sources familiar with the deal have revea

With $4M From Khosla & More, ALOHA Launches A Wellness Platform That Helps You Drink Your Greens

With the launch of <a target="_blank" href="">Aloha</a> today, we can add another name to the fray of startups attempting to give us better ways to live healthier lifestyles. Founded

Google Adds Nutrition Info For Over 1,000 Fruits, Vegetables, Meats And Meals To Its Search Results

Google keeps adding new information to its Knowledge Graph, and today it is bringing nutrition info to its search results pages. Want to know how many calories there are in an avocado or how much prot