NuraLoop buds deliver excellent customized sound in a portable profile

I’ve been following the Nura story since the Australian startup brought an unfinished prototype of its first headphones to our offices four years back. When I finally had the opportunity to review t

Nura brings its adaptive headphone tech to Bluetooth earbuds

I really dug the Nuraphones. A lot. In fact, I was so impressed with the headphones’ adaptive noise technology I ended up putting them on my faves of the year list back in 2017. As such, I was prett

Nuraphones get active noise cancelling via software update

I like the Nuraphones a lot. In fact, I named the sound-adapting headphones one of my favorite things of 2017. Clearly I’m not alone in that enthusiasm, either — the Melbourne-based startup sc

Nuraphones’ custom profiles bring out new detail in familiar songs

I promised myself I wouldn’t read any work email (I failed), wouldn’t tweet (failed) and wouldn’t bring along any homework — I failed there too, but that one I don’t actually feel bad about.

Nura gets $4.6 million in seed funding for its customizable headphones

We tried out a prototype of Nura’s custom headphones over the summer and liked what we heard. Apparently we weren’t alone in that, as the Australian startup scored a massive $1.8 million on Kickst