These are the first Denon-branded Nura headphones

Nura suffered the same quiet fate as countless startups before. The innovative Australian firm was effectively acqui-hired by Masimo, which has been amassing its own arm of audio brands. The Southern

Headphone startup Nura gets acqui-hired by Denon parent, Masimo

Every so often, a new startup crosses your radar and reminds you how exciting hardware can be. It’s a relative rarity in consumer electronics, a category dominated by corporations like Samsung, Appl

Nura brings its killer audio tech to a pair of pro earbuds

Few consumer electronics categories matured as quickly as wireless earbuds. We went from the first good implementation of the technology to near ubiquity, seemingly overnight. Suddenly a good pair is

Our favorite wireless earbuds

Earbuds should be easy to review. Compared to the myriad other product categories we look at day in, day out, there aren’t that many variables. Do they sound good? How’s the battery life? What abo

Nura offers a smaller, cheaper version of its wireless earbuds for rent

Some Bluetooth bugginess and questionable mic performance aside, I liked the NuraTrue quite a bit. And obviously, I’m always in favor of smaller companies mixing it up with tech giants, while bringi

Nura finally goes fully wireless with the NuraTrue buds

The NuraTrue earbuds announced today mark the company’s third entry into the headphone market, following the over-ear Nuraphones and the tethered Nuraloop.

NuraLoop buds deliver excellent customized sound in a portable profile

I’ve been following the Nura story since the Australian startup brought an unfinished prototype of its first headphones to our offices four years back. When I finally had the opportunity to review t

After delays, noise-adapting NuraLoop earbuds are coming soon and sound great

A few buffet mistakes aside, NuraLoop proved the biggest disappointment of my 2019 CES. When the headphones showed up at the show as dummy units, it hurt my heart a little. The original Nuraphones mad

Nura’s sound-adapting earbuds are up for pre-order, will start shipping in September

I’m struggling to come up with a single bit of technology I was more excited about at CES than the Nuraloop. I reviewed Nura’s original product fairly positively, but I’ve never really been an o

Nura is courting mainstream consumers with its Bluetooth earbuds

Like many small companies at CES, most of Nura’s time this week will be spent in meetings behind closed doors. Among other things, the Australian startup seems confident that it will be in a lot mor

Nura brings its adaptive headphone tech to Bluetooth earbuds

I really dug the Nuraphones. A lot. In fact, I was so impressed with the headphones’ adaptive noise technology I ended up putting them on my faves of the year list back in 2017. As such, I was prett

Nuraphones get active noise cancelling via software update

I like the Nuraphones a lot. In fact, I named the sound-adapting headphones one of my favorite things of 2017. Clearly I’m not alone in that enthusiasm, either — the Melbourne-based startup sc

Nuraphones’ custom profiles bring out new detail in familiar songs

I promised myself I wouldn’t read any work email (I failed), wouldn’t tweet (failed) and wouldn’t bring along any homework — I failed there too, but that one I don’t actually feel bad about.

Nura’s sound adapting headphones are now available for $399

Nura’s come a long way since last June. Back when the hardware company last stopped by our offices, its headphones were giant, like a pair of old library headphones recreated on a 3D printer. Their

Nura gets $4.6 million in seed funding for its customizable headphones

We tried out a prototype of Nura’s custom headphones over the summer and liked what we heard. Apparently we weren’t alone in that, as the Australian startup scored a massive $1.8 million on Kickst

Making earphones customized for hearing ability, Even tunes up $2 million

MeQ Inc., the company behind Even earphones, the tunable earbuds that adjust to users’ unique hearing abilities, has raised $2 million as it looks to expand its business. Financing came from

Hands On with Even, $99 earphones customized to the way you hear

Dr. Dre may make some of the most popular headphones on the planet but Beats are likely tuned to the way Dre likes to listen to the music – with heavy bass. You are not Dre and your ears and my

Nura headphones are custom fit to the listener’s frequency

Your parents were right, dear reader. You are a precious, unique snowflake. Your ears, at least. I can’t really speak for the rest of you, but, hey, you seem great. Of course, your special, unique s