• Numark announces NSFX for NS7 to use with ITCH by DJs. They also run out of capital letters.

    DJs have been using double turntable setups ever since 1947 with Sir Jimmy Savile. Modern setups, however, forgo the vinyl and even CDs. One such computer-performance system is the Numark NS7 Controller for Serato’s ITCH software.
    The NS7 gives DJs the feel of a traditional turntable rig, while functioning as a controller for ITCH. A single USB interface with a computer keeps the rig… Read More

  • Numarks DJ computer – you don't need to check emails on a gig.

    Yes, that’s right. If you have to use a computer on a gig you need to consider machines that are made for only one purpose, playing back music. Numark pushes out the HDMIX, this compact DJ system so you can mix Slipknot with Britney anywhere. Read More

  • Numark Finalizes Release Date For iDJ2

    Plagued by delays, it finally seems Numark’s latest iPod DJ mixer, the iDJ2, is set to be released. Come September, you’ll be able to plunk down a whopping $600 on an iPod mixer that’s supposed to revolutionize DJing. the iDJ2 features dual iPod docks, scratch pads, pitch control, beat-matching, key-lock, and the ability to play two songs from the same iPod at once, which… Read More

  • Numark x2 Hybrid Turntable Brings DJ Equality

    <img class="right" src=", which greatly reduces the quantity of gear you have to lug around. But it's more than just a convergence player. The x2 Hybrid has a vibration fightin' solid-core design, the industry's highest torque direct drive motor, pitch control and the Numark Beatkeeper beat calculator. The… Read More