Nudge Security emerges from stealth to tackle cybersecurity’s people problem

Social engineering attacks are on the rise. These low-tech but high-impact attacks — where hackers manipulate employees into granting them access to companies’ services and data — increased by a

The Web Foundation is taking on deceptive design

The Web Foundation‘s Tech Policy Design Lab is working on an interesting-looking project to counter deceptive design — aka dark patterns* — with the goal of producing a portfolio of

Vinehealth, offering digital support for cancer patients and SaaS for R&D, gets $5.5M to launch in the US

Vinehealth, a 2018-founded, London-based digital health startup that’s built an app offering personalized support for cancer patients while also making it easier to gather patient-reported outco

Profiting socially on nickels and dimes

As the #DeleteUber count increases, Lyft has cleverly seized the opportunity to distinguish itself as a beacon of goodwill. In its most recent attempts to gain public favor, Lyft will soon be taking a

Cogito leverages human behavior to nudge customer relationships

We’ve all had crappy customer service calls. Primed by staticky elevator music and the ever-mysterious agitating echo, most of us come into calls with strained patience. On the line, customer se

Nudge Is A Dashboard For All Your Fitness Wearables And Apps

Despite not being a particularly fitness-obsessed person, I've fallen for the fitness tracking trend. My main fitness tracker is a <a target="_blank" href="">Jawbone U

Nudge Is Like Reddit For Social Activities

Social planning continues to be a hot topic for developers, and the latest new service out of San Francisco is taking a different approach to the whole thing. <a target="_blank" href="http://nudgemobi