NASA taps three companies to design nuclear power plants for the moon

Nuclear fission may have to overcome a public perception hurdle here on Earth in order to get the funding and development it needs to advance sufficiently to help our with our de-carbonization efforts

Defense Department seeks nuclear propulsion for small spacecraft

The US Defense Department's ambitions beyond Earth just grew a little clearer. The department recently put out a call for privately-made nuclear propulsion systems for small- and mid-sized spacecraft.

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales On British Government Snooping: “Technologically Incompetent”

Don't mess with Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia when it comes to Internet freedom, because he will use harsh words to lash out at you. Today, according to the BBC, Wales had some choice words for the Britis

Researchers creating a nuclear powered battery

<img src="" />Man has long been on a quest for a better battery. This has resulted in some less then ideal solutions, such as the

Appropriate attire for your next Chernobyl trip

<img src="">Raiation Shield Technologies has what you need in order to hit those hard to reach geocaching locations deep

Traveling to Switzerland? Stay in nuclear bunker. It's cheap.

Hotel accommodations these days are too opulent. Who needs central heat and carpet? No one. Only the Wall Street fat cats, that is. Real people stay at this converted nuclear bunker zero-star hotel

Nuclear aircraft add one more horror to the litany of air travel fears

As if flying weren’t scary enough now we could have giant airplanes full of nuclear power plants that could transport “millions” across the stratosphere. Actually, this does make a l

Police arrests couple for selling radioactive cell phone lanyards

Japanese people love cell phone straps in all forms and colors, even old men do. However, some of them might be in serious trouble now. Yesterday Japanese police arrested a man and a woman from Hirosh