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  • Nuclear facility hacks remain fairly superficial for now, say DHS and FBI

    Nuclear facility hacks remain fairly superficial for now, say DHS and FBI

    While U.S. nuclear and energy facilities are increasingly aware of the cyberthreats to their systems, we can expect to see more hacks testing the limits of critical infrastructure systems, both in the U.S. and abroad. Read More

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    Meet Nuclear Power’s Comeback Kids

    Meet Nuclear Power’s Comeback Kids

    Leslie Dewan and Jacob Dewitt are part of a new generation of nuclear scientists pushing for use of safer technologies. Both young founders took to the TechCrunch Disrupt stage today to chat about their work in developing upgraded types of nuclear power generators designed to eat their own waste. Literally. Both MIT-trained nuclear physicists founded separate but similar startups for… Read More

  • YC-Backed UPower Is Building Nuclear Batteries

    YC-Backed UPower Is Building Nuclear Batteries

    Despite the promise of bountiful, cheap, and clean energy, nuclear energy didn’t completely overtake fossil fuels like everyone expected in the middle of the twentieth century. Among other things, fear of radiation leaks and waste products that have to be buried for hundreds of years turned the United States away from adopting it for more than a fraction of our energy usage. Read More

  • Working With Nasa, Russia To Propose Nuclear Spacecraft

    Get ready for a nuclear-powered spacecraft—maybe! The Russian Federal Space Agency says that it will hold talks with Nasa and a number of countries on April 15 to see if they can’t get started on creating a “nuclear engine” by 2012. Such an engine, it’s believed, would only cost around $600m to develop. Read More

  • How The Mainstream Media Is Failing Us With Its Nuclear Hysteria

    How The Mainstream Media Is Failing Us With Its Nuclear Hysteria

    The news from Japan is both awful and appalling. Awful: 23,000 confirmed dead or missing, and counting. Appalling: pretty much anything to do with the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant. Nuclear meltdown like Chernobyl! Deadly contaminated milk and radioactive tap water! Tokyo a postapocalyptic ghost town! A plume of radiation that threatens America’s West Coast! Where do they get these morons? Read More

  • Will Germany Become The World's First Post-Nuclear Nation?

    It certainly looks that way. The country has been having a national discussion ever since the Japan nuclear crisis, and the consensus seems to be that nuclear isn’t worth the risk. Instead, the country will embrace alternative forms of energy, including renewable sources. Read More

  • Following Earthquake, Japanese Officials Fear Partial Nuclear Meltdown Underway

    A massive earthquake that struck off Japan’s northeastern coast on Friday— taking 1,200 lives, with thousands still unaccounted for and ten thousand feared dead by police — also damaged multiple nuclear power plants there. On Sunday, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said a partial meltdown at the Fukushiman Dai-ichi nuclear complex, was likely under way. Read More

  • Mr. Fusion-like power for cars just a decade away?

    [photopress:2070049523_385bca185b_o.jpg,full,center] In the 1960s most of America assumed that by 2008 we’d be driving nuclear-powered cars around. Even in Back to the Future the Delorian was powered by Mr. Fusion. But alas, anyone can tell you that we’re still chained to oil-powered internal combustion engines, just as we have been for 100 years. But a new material scienticians… Read More

  • MIT Improves Nuclear Power

    A group of researches at MIT have developed a new nuclear power technique that can increase energy output while reducing operating temperature. Rather than using the cylindrical uranium rods commonly used today, the new method utilizes hollow rods. This technique increases the surface area exposed to water and cuts operating temperatures back from 1800C to 700C. This development could make… Read More