• Swype, The Maker Of Speedy Virtual Keyboards, To Be Acquired By Nuance For $100 Million+

    Swype, The Maker Of Speedy Virtual Keyboards, To Be Acquired By Nuance For $100 Million+

    Swype has been blowing minds since it first launched at TechCrunch 50 back in September of 2008. For those unfamiliar, Swype is the maker of an awesome app that allows users of touchscreen mobile devices to type messages with one swipe of the finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard. The alternative (and patented) input method has proven to be super speedy, allowing data entry at over… Read More

  • Siri, Do You Use Nuance Technology? Siri: I’m Sorry, I Can’t Answer That.

    Siri, Do You Use Nuance Technology? Siri: I’m Sorry, I Can’t Answer That.

    The most talked about element of yesterday’s Apple event had to be Siri. The new feature of the iPhone 4S, born out of Apple’s purchase of the company by the same name in 2010, looks amazing. But one thing never mentioned during the keynote was a key piece of technology behind Siri: Nuance. We first reported that Siri would be a key part of iOS 5 back in March. As we dug deeper… Read More

  • App Review: Nuance Dragon Go iOS App

    App Review: Nuance Dragon Go iOS App

    Nuance has come out with the third in its Dragon series of applications, and each time the experience gets better and better. The latest app, Dragon Go, takes Nuance’s voice recognition software to the next level, and adds a way of understanding not just the words spoken, but the intention behind the voice query, through a system called natural language processing. Once the query is… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone 5 To Sport Edge-To-Edge Display?

    There’s been a lot of speculation as of late over the next model iPhone. Will Jobs pull a 3GS on us and leave the form factor alone or will Apple go big and create some new hardware to go with that awesome new OS? Well, we may be inching closer to some answers today, as an app developer with connections to Nuance, the speech recognition firm, posted a few screen grabs of what appears to be… Read More

  • Nuance Acquires Speech Recognition Software Company SVOX

    Nuance is picking up another company today, acquiring SVOX, a company that developers voice recognition software for in-car systems and consumer electronics. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Nuance, which also develops imaging and voice recognition technologies, is using the acquisition to enter the automotive industry. As the company says in the release, consumers are using… Read More

  • Nuance Slaps Vlingo With Another Patent Lawsuit Over Voice Recognition Technology

    Well, this is interesting. Nuance, a company that develops imaging and voice recognition technologies, is once again suing competitor Vlingo, which also develops a voice search technology and is backed by Yahoo, AT&T and Charles River Ventures. According to the suit, which we’ve embedded below, Nuance claims Vlingo is infringing on number of Nuance’s patents including U.S. Read More

  • About The Nuance No-Show At Apple's WWDC Keynote

    About The Nuance No-Show At Apple's WWDC Keynote

    With regard to today’s WWDC keynote, we were right about a lot of things. Twitter/iOS. Revamped notifications. Widgets (though they didn’t call them “widgets” on stage, the weather and stock areas in the notifications pull-down are widgets). iOS Messages (okay, this was more of a dream that somehow came true). July launch for OS X Lion. No “iPhone… Read More

  • A Bit More On WWDC, The Mythical iPhone "4S", and iOS 5

    A Bit More On WWDC, The Mythical iPhone "4S", and iOS 5

    With WWDC quickly approaching, the rumor mills are heating up with what we should expect at Apple’s annual conference known for big announcements. We’ve learned a little bit more that speaks to what to expect — including a couple of big, widely-requested things. First of all, a lot of sites seem to be working themselves into a tizzy about the so-called “iPhone 4S”. Read More

  • Nuance Buys Enterprise Print Management Software Developer Equitrac For $157M In Cash

    Nuance, a company that develops imaging and voice recognition technologies, has announced the acquisition of print management and cost recovery software developer Equitrac. Nuance is shelling out $157 million in cash for the company, and the deal is expected to close in September of this year. Equitrac’s software helps businesses effectively manage their printing environments… Read More

  • Apple's Massive New Data Center Set To Host Nuance Tech; Partnership Announcement Due At WWDC

    Apple's Massive New Data Center Set To Host Nuance Tech; Partnership Announcement Due At WWDC

    Last Friday, we posted about the negotiations between Apple and voice recognition company Nuance. While these talks have been going on for months, sources told us that it wasn’t yet entirely clear what the outcome would be — either a broad strategic partnership or, less likely, an acquisition. Things are looking a bit more clear now. In digging into the information about the… Read More

  • Apple May Not Have Bought Nuance But…

    Apple May Not Have Bought Nuance But…

    This past November, the blogosphere was briefly set on fire when a comment Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak made in passing stated that Apple had acquired the voice recognition company Nuance. Wozniak quickly came out and corrected that comment, and most believed that he had simply confused Nuance with the company he mentioned right afterwards, Siri — a company that Apple¬†actually did… Read More

  • Jawbone's ERA Headset To Get Voice Recognition From Nuance

    Nuance is one of those companies you may not have heard of, but likely use. They’re the leaders in voice recognition technology for text-to-speech and speech-to-text. Most devices that have voice recognition — iPhone, MyFord Touch, Dragon Dictate — are powered by Nuance. Jawbone teamed up with Nuance to get text-to-speech on their new¬†ERA headset. Skip past the break for… Read More

  • Apple Acquired Nuance? Five Reasons Why It's Probably Not True

    Apple Acquired Nuance? Five Reasons Why It's Probably Not True

    Rumors are swirling this morning about voice technology giant Nuance Communications being acquired by Apple, following remarks made by the company’s co-founder Steve Wozniak in a short video interview by TVDeck (see below, skip to the 0:40 mark). While the acquisition would make sense for Apple to make on a strategic level, there are a couple of reasons why it’s most likely not… Read More

  • Nuance Finally Picks Up SpinVox For $102.5 Million

    SpinVox, a London-based technology startup that transcribes voicemails to text so that they can be more easily digitized, searched, and manipulated, has been acquired by speech recognition company Nuance for $102.5 million. We reported on the rumors of the acquisition a few weeks ago, when a $150 million price tag was floating around. Nuance will integrate SpinVox’s services with its… Read More

  • Nuance Launches Voice-powered Dragon Search App For iPhone

    Hot on the heels of the launch of their Dragon Dictation app (and a short-lived and mostly overblown privacy scandal), Nuance has just launched a second iPhone application: Dragon Search. Heralded by Nuance as the “fast, accurate, and smart way to search online content on your iPhone”, Dragon Search allows iPhone users to search across Google, Yahoo!, Bing, iTunes, Twitter, Wiki… Read More

  • Nuance and BMW vs Ford and Microsoft

    Ford and Microsoft have found great success partnering together on Sync and the rest of the automotive industry have finally taken notice. We’ve taken Sync for a ride or two and know that it works as advertised. We even took a 2010 Mustang for a spin over the weekend and even without the full-fledged Nav system with touchscreen, Sync worked great. BTW- Ford kicked some ass on the new… Read More

  • DWT: what is it and how can we fight it?

    Texting while driving is a sure fire way to get a ticket or get in an accident. Just being back in California this last week makes me wonder why and how I ever used my phone while driving. It’s ridiculously stupid and unsafe, but I still do it. Heh. But things may change thanks to some fancy speech solutions from Nuance. Oh, yeah, DWT means driving while texting. Watch the video and see… Read More

  • One Speech Recognition Company Eats Another: Nuance Acquires VoiceSignal

    Nuance Communications, makers of speech recognition products, has signed an agreement to acquire VoiceSignal, also makers of speech recognition products(Business Wire). The difference? Nuance focuses on call centers and desktop software, VoiceSignal uses speech recognition for search. You may be familiar with Nuance from their Naturally Speaking desktop software. VoiceSignal adds their… Read More