Inside the Porsche Taycan’s minimalist, 911-inspired interior

Porsche has taken the wraps off the interior of the all-new, all-electric Porsche Taycan ahead of its world debut September 4. Gone are the buttons and the clutter. This is a sleek interior for the mo

Kofax to buy Nuance’s imaging division for $400M in cash

Some consolidation and subsequent divestment are in play in the worlds of imaging and voice recognition. Today, Kofax and Nuance announced that Kofax would be acquiring Nuance’s imaging division

Nuance ends development of the Swype keyboard apps

Nuance, the company that acquired veteran swipe-to-type keyboard maker Swype -- all the way back in 2011, shelling out a cool $100M -- has ended development of its Swype+Dragon dictation Android and i

Nuance brings deep learning tech to its Dragon speech recognition

Your speech-recognizing friends at Nuance are back with a major update to their flagship app, Dragon. The popular productivity software is now in its 15th version, an update that promises some substan

Yell Endlessly Into Your Phone, And Now Nuance Will Transcribe It

Sick of typing up meeting notes or interviews? Speech recognition master Nuance’s new Dragon Anywhere transcription app can turn what you say into text with no limit on recording time. This is n

With A Voice Interface API For Any App, Wants To Be The Twilio For Natural Language

Last year, voice technology giant Nuance <a href="">quietly acquired V

Intel Has Acquired Natural Language Processing Startup Indisys, Price “North” Of $26M, To Build Its AI Muscle

<a target="_blank" href="">Intel</a> has made another international acquisition in its push into artificial intelligence technology: it has bought <a target="_blank" href="http://w

Nuance Announces Voice Ads, So You Can Talk To Mobile Advertising

<a target="_blank" href="">Nuance</a>, a company known for its voice technology, is getting into the advertising business. It's launching a new product called <a target="_blank

ManageEngine Launches A Siri-Style App For The Help Desk

<a target="_blank" href="">ManageEngine</a> has launched the<a target="_blank" href=""> ServiceDesk Plus iP

Amazon Gets Into Voice Recognition, Buys Ivona Software To Compete Against Apple’s Siri

Amazon today announced that it is <a target="_blank" href="">acquiring</a> <a target="_blank" hre

Confirmed: Nuance Has Bought Virtual Assistant Specialist VirtuOz To Ramp Up Its Enterprise Services

TechCrunch has received a copy of a memo indicating thatĀ <a target="_blank" href="">Nuance</a>, the speech and natural language technology giant that also powers Apple's Siri voi

Nuance’s “Dragon” Brings Voice-Activated Search To OfficeDrop’s Document Management Service

Document management providerĀ <a target="_blank" href="">OfficeDrop</a> has a new capability for voice-activated search that represents just the start in how mobile apps are chang

Nuance To Acquire Ditech Networks For $1.45/Share To Bolster Voice-To-Text Capabilities

Looks like Nuance has been up to more than just updating its myriad applications. The company has announced that it will <a target="_blank" href="

Nuance’s Nina Brings Siri-Like Voice Recognition Features To Mobile Apps

<a target="_blank" href="">Nuance</a>, the company that powers a large number of tools that use voice recognition (including Apple's Siri) <a target="_blank" href="http://www.nuan

The Future Of Customer Experience – 3 Examples Of Virtual Assistants, Biometrics And Siri-Style Services

The future of customer service is less about the people than it is the sound of a person or even the virtual image of an individual. Humans are just so inefficient. But they can be improved, too, t

Nuance’s Dragon ID Lets You Unlock Your Smartphone Or Tablet By Talking To It

Speech recognition giant Nuance has made their share of plays in the mobile space before -- they <a href="

Nuance Buys Transcription And Speech Editing Company Transcend For $300M In Cash

Nuance has just <a href="">announced</a> that it is acquiring <a href="">Transcend</a>,

Alltel Wireless Taps Nuance To Power Voice2Text Voicemail Transcription Service

Alltel Wireless, a Little Rock, Ark.-based carrier that serves six states, has today announced that it will use Nuance's Dragon Voicemail to Text transcription to power its own Voice2Text service.

Intel Adds Integrated Voice Control With Nuance Partnership

Today at Intel's CES 2012 Keynote, the firm announced a strategic partnership with Nuance. If you've forgotten, Nuance is a voice recognition company, so yelling at your new ultrabook may be a closer

Nuance Launches Dragon TV, Lets You Control Your TV With Your Voice

Speech recognition company <a href="">Nuance</a> (which powers part of Apple's Siri), is launching its new "Dragon TV" platform today, which will allow consumers to
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