NTT prototype phone lets you play the flute, check your blood and read e-papers (video)

<img src="" /> These are some <em>very</em> early prototypes Japan's No. 1 telecommunications company NTT recently s

New technology allows flawless viewing of content across multiple devices

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Docomo's cell phone line-up for this summer (part 2: PRIME and PRO series)

<img src="" /> NTT Docomo not only announced eight new cell phones in their <a href="

Japan to get its first Android cell phone next month

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Japan ready to pump $10 billion into 3.9G network infrastructure

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New fuel cell boasts world's highest level of efficiency

<img src="" /> Japanese companies <a href="">NTT</a>, <a href="http://www.

Japanese movie theaters to get content via fiber-optics network

<img src="" /> Nippon's biggest telecommunications company <a href="">NTT</a> and legendary film studios <a href="h

NTT Docomo floods Japan with 22 new cell phones

Japan’s biggest telco NTT DoCoMo today announced 4 new cell phone series (STYLE, PRIME, SMART and PRO ), which are part of the company’s fall/winter product line-up. Docomo will offer a to

Futuristic shoe generates electricity to run iPods

First the awesome emergency shoes, now another shoe-related technology from Japan: NTT, the country’s biggest telecommunications company, presents sandals that are able to generate electricity w

CEATEC 2008: NTT Docomo's awesome micro projector/cell phone Japan’s biggest telco NTT showcased a micro projector that is built into a cell phone and is able to project a 25-inch video image. Asked if and and when the devi

NTT commercializes aroma-emitting digital signage system

They tested it for nearly a year now but today Japan’s telecommunications giant NTT announces their aroma-emitting digital signage system is finally available [JP] for advertising and promotion

Japan’s super-advanced mobile web: Too unique to serve as a global blueprint?

Over one billion cell phones have been sold worldwide in the last year, but in the US or Europe, the mobile Internet is still catching on relatively slowly. There even was a heated debate in the blogo

NTT develops anti-Tempest device to improve computer security

All computer screens emit electromagnetic waves that can be intercepted by criminals who then use the data to reconstruct what is displayed. Research on the topic is largely classified. But it’s

Nintendo Japan starts new wireless data service for the DS

Nintendo started testing a new wireless data distribution service using DS consoles today. The company partnered up with a subsidiary of Japanese telecommunications powerhouse NTT and McDonald’s