• From NTT's Showroom In Tokyo: Next-Generation Digital Signage System (Videos)

    Here’s the second demo I witnessed at NTT‘s showroom “Note” [JP] in Tokyo: an “intelligent” digital signage system that actually holds the potential to offer value not only to advertisers but to users as well. We have shown you many such systems in the past (including one cool model from NTT), but this one’s a bit different. Read More

  • Video: CrunchGear Visits NTT's Futuristic Showroom "NOTE" In Tokyo

    Living in Tokyo has its advantages. One of them is to get invited (as the first non-Japanese blogger) to make a tour through the showroom of NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.), one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world (195,000 employees). The showroom, dubbed NOTE [JP], offers some pretty cool, futuristic technologies. And thankfully, NTT let me capture some of… Read More

  • Under "Xi" Brand: Docomo To Invest $3.4 Billion In Japanese LTE Infrastructure

    With 55 million customers, the 800-pound gorilla in the world’s most advanced mobile society, Japan, is NTT Docomo. And over the weekend, the company made clear it wants to retain its position in an LTE future: Docomo is ready to invest $3.4 billion in the next three years to build base stations and will start an LTE service in December this year (as the first of Japan’s three… Read More

  • New machine can transcribe discussions in real-time, capture emotions

    Japan’s telecommunications behemoth NTT is working on a device that can transcribe discussions in meetings automatically and in real-time. Japanese daily The Nikkei is reporting that the current prototype features two cameras with fish-eye lenses and eight microphones to capture what is being said and detect who is speaking. Read More

  • Japan's NTT Docomo to make all of its cell phones SIM-free from April 2011

    Big shake up in Japan’s cell phone industry (100 million mobile subscribers) today: NTT Docomo, the country’s leading carrier (55 million customers), is planning to make all of its cell phones SIM free as early as April 2011 (the start of the new fiscal year in most Japanese companies). Read More

  • Photo gallery and video: NTT Docomo unveils 20 (partly amazing) cell phones

    Japan has been flooded with new cell phones over the last few days. We’ve shown you KDDI au’s 10 new handsets Monday, SoftBank Mobile’s 13 new models yesterday, and now it’s time for NTT Docomo‘s summer lineup. Japan’s biggest mobile carrier (55 million) unveiled 20 new cell phones [press release in English] yesterday, some of which are just… Read More

  • Photo report: Darth Vader promotes DoCoMo cell phones in weird campaign

    NTT DoComo, Japan’s largest cell phone carrier (55 million customers), is currently running a pretty bizarre viral promotion campaign in this country (both on- and offline). The company has set up a weird website [JP] that, for some strange reason, shows Darth Vader running around Tokyo and asking who’s his boss (“Who is my boss” is the official tag line of the campaign). Read More

  • Sharp, Panasonic, Fujitsu, NEC jointly develop new mobile OS

    Just last week, we asked the question if the world needs yet another mobile operating system (Samsung’s Bada). Now it turns out Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier, NTT DoCoMo, apparently thinks the answer is yes. The telecom behemoth (55 million customers in Japan) today announced [press release in English] the development of a brand new “application platform for mobile… Read More

  • NTT Docomo announces 19 new cell phones (photo gallery)

    Following KDDI’s announcement three weeks ago, Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier NTT Docomo today unveiled [JP] its winter-line up of cell phones (SoftBank, the No.3, did the same). And here are all the new models announced by Docomo for the Japanese market today. Update:
    Head over to NTT Docomo’s English web site for another overview of their new phones. Read More

  • The Japanese Android Market Gets Its First Paid Apps

    The first Android-powered phone launched in Japan last June. Users were able to access free apps on the Android Market, with paid apps to become available at a later point. Paid apps for U.S. users came to the market in February. Now it appears that paid apps have finally come to Japan. As we wrote in May, the country’s largest telecommunications company, NTT, has picked up the rights… Read More

  • This isn't going to end well: NTT Docomo to enter the US cell phone market next year

    Japan’s NTT DoCoMo, the country’s biggest mobile phone subscriber with over 50 million subscribers, is considering fully entering the American cell phone market – as early as next year. Various Japanese media are reporting that the company plans to offer phones featuring DoCoMo’s proprietary mobile web service “i-mode” in the USA (the picture shows phones… Read More