ntt communications

  • i-Aroma: Japan wants to add fragrances to the web experience

    Releasing odors in movie theaters to enhance the viewing experience is an idea that’s been around for decades now. Now NTT Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s telecommunications behemoth NTT, takes the idea to another level: The company today announced the development of a “fragrance communication” system that makes it possible to send smells over the web. Read More

  • Digital signage system emits aromas to attract customers

    Japanese Tech powerhouses NTT Communications and Recruit developed a digital signage system capable of simultaneously emitting scents and showing compatible commercials. A prototype is currently being tested in an underground shopping mall in Tokyo. The idea is to get passery-by to walk into a cafe or buy a certain product by not only showing them video ads but also by by appealing to… Read More