• Video: Japan Gets Robotic Guide Dog

    Video: Japan Gets Robotic Guide Dog

    Production of Sony’s AIBO, probably the world’s most famous robotic dog, may have been discontinued in 2006, but that didn’t stop other Japanese companies to keep on developing similar robots. 12 years after AIBO saw the light of day, Tokyo-based NSK took the wraps off a more advanced (nameless) robo-dog [JP]. Unlike AIBO, the NSK robot is designed to actually fulfill a… Read More

  • Mobile "Human Assist Guidance Robot"

    Tokyo-based (and globalized) bearing supplier NSK has announced [JP] the development of an autonomous mobile robot that one day will be able to assist people in wheel chairs. The main selling point of the so-called “Human Assist Guidance Robot” is that it can detect obstacles and guide users through them. And uneven surfaces or slopes aren’t a problem either. Read More