• About Time: NPD Plans To Track Digital Game Sales Data

    The NPD Group, the organization that tracks sales data for the video game industry in North America, says that it plans to track digital sales data in the future. It’s a pretty big deal because, up until now, NPD has only tracked physical, retail sales. If you buy a brand new copy of Madden or Dragon Quest from Best Buy, yeah, that data will be represented in the monthly… Read More

  • Is Call Of Duty: Black Ops The Best Selling Game Of All Time?

    Sigh. Call of Duty: Black Ops is now the best selling video game of all time, at least according to NPD. Activision has sold 13.7 million units since its release last November. Billions and billions served, etc. Read More

  • NPD November: Xbox 360 Outsells Wii, Black Ops Tops Charts

    There’s two big stories coming out of November’s NPD numbers. The first is that Microsoft somehow managed to sell more Xbox 360s than Nintendo sold Wiis, with Microsoft selling 1.37 million to Nintendo’s 1.27 million. That’s probably the result of the Kinect. The second is that, yes, Call of Duty: Black Ops sold a whopping 8.4 million units. Good on Activision, swimming… Read More

  • NPD now tracks PC game digital downloads, finds that they make up nearly 50 percent of all sales

    You know how every month you see stories like “Red Dead Redemption sells X copies, Super Mario Galaxy 2 sells Y copies,” etc? All of that data comes from the NPD Group, which tracks retail sales. What NPD never used to track was digital download sales—Steam and the like. That’s why’d you see doom-and-gloom stories like, “PC game sales fall 50 percent… Read More

  • NPD confirms: People are still confused by ‘netbooks’

    The NPD released a new report that says, essentially, consumers have no idea what the hell a “netbook” is. Something like 60 percent of consumers who bought a netbook thought that it would have the same capabilities as a notebook. Even more troubling for the companies who produce netbooks is that only 58 percent people who bought a netbook instead of a notebook were satisfied… Read More

  • March wasn't the best month for video game sales

    Yikes, not a the best month for our beloved video game industry. Sales were off some 17 percent compared to last year, but let’s not forget that a little game called Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out in March, 2008. That may have skewed the numbers a bit. Read More

  • August NPD numbers: Madden sells well (shocking!)

    The August NPD numbers are out, and to no one’s surprise Madden NFL ’09 was the biggest seller of the month, with EA moving some 2.3 million units. August is sorta a slow month for the video game industry, as folks enjoy the last throws of summer, spending less on hardware and software. That said, as far as hardware goes, the Nintendo DS saw the most sales (518,300). Following that… Read More

  • July NPD numbers are here: Once again, PS3 outsells Xbox 360

    The July NPD numbers have come out, and the PS3 continued its fine June performance, once again topping the Xbox 360 in units sold. Sony sold 224,000 PS3s to Microsoft’s 204,000. Meanwhile, the Wii continues to be in a league of its own, with Nintendo selling 550,000 units. The DS tops them all, of course with 608,000 units sold. The industry as a whole made $1.1 billion in July. Read More

  • Should we expect Wii sales to decrease any time soon?

    This month’s NPD numbers don’t officially come out until Thursday, but a single note written by Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian has prompted all sorts of knee-jerk reactions. Lazard says it’s possible that the Wii could see a decline in sales for the month of July. Now, that’s not necessarily because demand has gone down, but could merely be a function of… Read More

  • Flip video recorder #1 according to NPD

    According to NPD research, the Flip is the #1 selling camcorder in the US, beating out such stalwarts as Sony and JVC. The Flip is the YouTube compatible video camera that is so simple even a retarded monkey could use it. The Flip—so popular because of the cam’s ease-of-use, low cost and instant publication capabilities—leapfrogged into the digital marketplace, creating a… Read More

  • GTA IV sales didn't cause increase in console sales, NPD numbers show

    Despite breaking sales records left and right, GTA IV didn’t cause any measurable uptick in console sales. That probably hurts Sony more than Microsoft, seeing as though the GTA series has, since GTA III, been seen as a PlayStation franchise; Sony was expecting PS3-holdouts to see the game and buy a system. Didn’t happen. In fact, sales of the Xbox 360 version nearly doubled those… Read More