Novint Falcon now officially works with Valve's Orange Box

<img src="" />Huzzah! After almost a <a href="

Novint Falcon controller coming to consoles, maybe

<img src="" /> Jealous of your PC gaming friends who have the rather awesome Falcon controller? Well, the CEO of Novint hears your cries

Novint partnering with Valve to make freaky, awesome robo-peripheral useful

A while ago I posted about how Novint, an innovative and ambitious peripheral company took their freaky-deaky Falcon controller straight to EA instead of standing around like some kind of techno-wallf

Creative peripherals made fun and EAsy with Novint's Falcon

You see all these console and PC peripherals out there, from the Wii wheel to the Wolf King we’re giving away. Rock Band is probably the most salient example of games driving peripheral sales, b

Novint Falcon Hitting CompUSA

Hey, everybody! Remember that 3D touch game doohickey we told you about a few months ago? Yeah know, where you can feel shapes, textures and weight. Well, if you’ve been waiting-and I know you have