Nova Spivack

  • How Twitter Can Save $50 Million: Forget TweetDeck, And Go Freemium On Its API

    I’ve been puzzling over Twitter’s recent tactical moves around their API, Ubermedia and Tweetdeck, for a few months now, and it just doesn’t add up. In fact I think Twitter’s current strategy may take them in a direction where they end up missing out on their biggest potential win. If Twitter continues to go down the media company path, without incorporating their API… Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Computes Answers To Factual Questions. This Is Going To Be Big.

    Editor’s note: Below is a guest post from Nova Spivack, CEO of Radar Networks, about a new computational knowledge engine called Wolfram Alpha being developed by computer scientist Stephen Wolfram. Spivack originally published it on Twine, and it is republished here with his permission. Some of the sections have been rearranged for clarity. Stephen Wolfram is building something… Read More