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  • The Notion Ink Adam, the Most Exciting Tablet That Will Never Ship, To Get More Features

    By the faultless logic of CE manufacturers, if you can’t ship, just keep adding features. To wit: the Notion Ink Adam is now going to have A-GPS, 802.11n support, and even include Unreal Engine support for some hot gaming action using NVIDIA’s Tegra graphics chip. Slashgear, however, is optimistic and expects a January 2011 launch date. Read More

  • Notion Ink Adam "on track," gets funding, looks at hardware variants

    So the reports of the Adam being delayed until November were… partially mistaken. Notion Ink has updated their blog with more particular (and more optimistic) info, though they stop short of providing an actual launch date. “We are on track” is the extent of their hinting, and that’s good to hear (on track implies July or August availability), but there’s more… Read More

  • Video: First hands-on with the Notion Ink Adam

    We’ve been looking forward to the Adam for a while now, and some of us think it may actually be a contender against the iPad. Personally, I’m not entirely convinced yet, since I think Android is the wrong OS for a tablet device, but with some custom software on there, this thing really looks like it could kick some butt. The first hands-on goes to Technoholik, where they’ve… Read More

  • The Notion Ink Adam tablet is set for a June '10 release

    A random tablet broke from a random company named Notion Ink a week ago. The thing looked almost too good with an NVIDIA Tegra T20 chipset. Like Vaperware good. But the Adam (that’s the product name) seems to be scheduled for a June 2010 launch according to a report by The Hindu. Who knows, we might actually see this thing, but chances are six months from now it will not look nearly… Read More

  • The Notion Ink Smartpad better be real

    Man alive. Look at this thing. It’s like an iPod Touch with hormonal issues. This is the Notion Ink Smartpad, a 10-inch tablet running an NVIDIA Tegra T20 chipset with 1080p video playback and Pixel QI display for outside viewing. Read More