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  • Notion Ink Quietly Releases The Cain Windows Tablet

    Notion Ink Quietly Releases The Cain Windows Tablet

    I place this here not as a recommendation to buy but as a reminder of the great Notion Ink Wars of 2011. At the time, Notion Ink was offering an Android tablet that everyone thought was the second coming and, when the dust settled, it was a fat load of nothing. And now they’re back. Read More

  • Notion Ink Scraps High-Resolution Screen For Next Tablet

    Notion Ink Scraps High-Resolution Screen For Next Tablet

    We’ve always been interested in the Notion Ink project, which has always striven to be a true alternative to both the iPad and Android masses. Last time, it was through both a Pixel Qi screen and an interesting custom interface, but delays and yield problems more or less buried it and competitors piled up. The sequel to Notion Ink’s Adam was originally going to have a 10″… Read More

  • Notion Ink Fans Now Considerably Harder To Find

    The folks who lambasted me so roundly last year about the Notion Ink Adam are now nowhere to be found. The “fans,” Greg at NotionInkFan most notably, are quiet. NotionInkHacks is now TabletROMs, a decidedly more catholic site dedicated to general hacks. To quote Auden: Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
    Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
    Silence the pianos… Read More

  • Presented Without Comment: A Video Review Of The Notion Ink Adam

    Since Greg of notioninkfan was so kind as to call me out in his recent post, I present without comment his first NI Adam review video and encourage you to pop over to his website where you can find the other half of the long but excellent look at the device. Read More

  • Hitler Discusses The Notion Ink Adam Delays

    I present this without comment, although I’m sure you guys will have your own. [Thanks for the tip, Alqumar!] Read More

  • A Deep Look At The Notion Ink Adam Tablet And Where It's Going

    The Notion Ink Adam might be the best tablet you’ve never heard of — but there’s a good reason for that. This kit isn’t coming from a high-profile outlet with deep distribution channels. It’s coming from a start-up fueled by nothing but raw passion. For us at CrunchGear, the Adam isn’t the fascinating part of the story; it’s a wide-eyed company and… Read More

  • Notion Ink Adam Finally Receives FCC Clearance

    I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s finally getting close, the Notion Ink Adam is on its way to the market. After finally getting flight clearance from the FCC, the only thing left to do it takeoff. Just when exactly? Read More

  • Notion Ink Adam Tablet Still Delayed

    The Notion Ink Adam was supposed to ship yesterday. Instead, it didn’t. Read More

  • Mireo Shows Off Slick Croatian GPS Mapping Software For The Notion Ink Adam

    Give this video demo a chance. The first part looks a little antiquited — almost like an old version of MS Streets & Trips — but the party begins once the route is executed and the virtual trip is started. It seems Mireo traditionally only does European mapping and mainly in their home country of Croatia, but perhaps the mapping software is compatible with other… Read More

  • 2011's Top 10 Most Anticipated Gear

    Who’s ready for 2010 to expire? Man, we are. It’s not that 2010 was a bad year or anything, but it was all iPad-this, iPhone-that with a bit of Android news bits scattered here and there. With the products in the following list lined up for release, 2011 is set to be a much more balanced year. Of course Apple will still be a major part of the news cycle, but everyone from Nintendo… Read More

  • Notion Ink Tablet To Ship With Crazy Rear Touchpad Disabled

    As we all know, in Chinese, the symbol for “crisis” is “danger” plus “opportunity.” Keep that in mind when you hear this latest tidbit: the “rear touchpad” on the Notion Ink Adam tablet will be disabled upon shipping because, it seems, the good men and ladies at Notion Ink couldn’t figure out what to do with it. It’s not a crisis… Read More

  • It's Alive! The Notion Ink Adam Gets A Real Hands On

    So here you go. You’ve asked for it, they provided: live, hands-on video of the Notion Ink Adam tablet in the flesh. While the video is a little fuzzy, it’s fairly complete and shows the flashy interface and multitasking features. UPDATE – New video after the jump. Read More

  • Notion Ink Changing Adam Pre-Order Ship Dates

    Yeah, who didn’t see this coming? The first round of Notion Ink Adam Tablets were supposed to ship January 6th. That’s not happening for at least one buyer. Read More

  • The Notion Ink Adam Should Be Triggering Your Scam-A-Meter Right Now

    This isn’t an “I Told You So” post; that’s for John to write if it comes to that. This is a “What The Hell Are You Doing?” post. There are simply way too many red flags to order a Notion Ink Adam right now. I’m not saying it’s vaporware at this point, but if nothing else, it’s truly a case study in how not to launch a product. Even the… Read More

  • Notion Ink Adam Pricing Details Revealed – UPDATE

    Notion Ink just went live with the Adam’s pricing. As promised by the company’s blogging CEO, the Notion Ink is priced well below the Apple iPad. The prices listed here are in US dollars but also apply to other countries. The company has commented they will offer the Adam at the same price world wide. LCD screen,WiFi — $375 LCD screen, WiFi, 3G — $425 Pixel Qi Screen… Read More

  • Notion Ink To Commence Adam Pre-Orders Tomorrow!

    Well, well. Some of us *cough* John *cough* never thought we would see this day come, but we have it from a high-level source at Notion Ink that the company will start accepting pre-orders for the Adam tomorrow. Read More

  • Why I Don't Believe In the Notion Ink Adam (Among Other Devices)

    I’ve been allowed the great privilege of enjoying a spirited discussion on this very site with a number of die-hard fans of the Notion Ink Adam tablet. In over 135 comments directed at us by this post I’ve been lambasted, my integrity angrily derided, and I have been compared to a set of hirsute female genitalia. You claim that I have some sort of bias against this product or… Read More

  • Notion Ink Tablet Still, You Know, Delayed

    Yeah, sure, it will come out. Don’t worry. I know you guys are totally into the Notion Ink Adam tablet and I’m here to tell you that this thing won’t ship this year and when it does you won’t be happy with it. Barring all that, the company has just released a website so you can gaze longingly at the device for a few more precious hours. Read More

  • Notion Ink Says Adam Tablet Could Be Ready By Christmas Day

    Notion Ink, the Indian start-up that’s been hard at work creating the Adam, an Android-based tablet, has announced on its blog that, if all goes according to plan, the tablet may well be in your hands by Christmas day. If that doesn’t work out, it’ll be available by January at the latest. Bottom line: it’s coming soon. Read More

  • Adam Gets Its Own Genesis

    Everyone’s favorite tablet, the Notion Ink Adam, is getting its own SDK. The framework, called Genesis, seems to suggest that Notion Ink will be offering some value-add over the standard Android goodies. Read More