• Notifo Slips Into The Deadpool

    Notifo Slips Into The Deadpool

    Notifo, a YC-backed company we once described as a “simple mobile notifications platform for anything”, is shuttering the windows and heading for the deadpool. The idea was simple enough: Notifo would pipe real-time notifications from just about anywhere — be it Twitter, or Hacker News, or Github, or Facebook, or any Growl-compatible app on your computer — to your… Read More

  • Notifo for iPhone Gets Free User-to-User Messaging, Real Time Twitter Notifications

    Last time we wrote about Notifo, we called it a “simple mobile notifications platform for anything” — and really, that’s probably the best way to describe it. Take your iPhone, install the Notifo app, hook it up to your favorite services (like Twitter, or GitHub) or any of the “Projects” (read: plugins, like Growl alert forwarding, or Chrome-to-Notifo )… Read More

  • Boxcar Opens Up Its iPhone Push Notifications. And Soon, You Can Monetize Them

    Push Notifications on the iPhone are great, but they can be impossible to manage. That’s why Boxcar, a Push Notification management app, is brilliant, and has long been one of my favorite apps. Unfortunately, as great as it is, like Apple itself, it is also a closed system. But now, it’s opening up. What I mean by closed system is that Boxcar only serves up notifications for a… Read More

  • Notifo Is A Simple Mobile Notifications Platform For Anything

    I’m hopelessly addicted to Push Notifications on the iPhone. Unfortunately, the system is flawed, in that the more notifications you get, the worse the experience is because it can be hard to manage them all. And one reason I always have the iPhone on me, even when taking around an Android phone, is that there’s no good way to get my notifications on another device. A new startup… Read More