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  • Google Desktop For Linux Now Available

    Google Desktop, meet Linux. Google’s Beijing eggheads developed the app to run on Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse and Red Flag flavors, giving Penguin-heads quick access to Gmail, local files and Web searches. Google Desktop for Linux uses KDE or GNOME and is currently available in 10 different languages. Google Desktop goes Linux [] Read More

  • Raymarine: Boat Equipment For The Cribs Set

    Sure you’ve got a GPS onboard your boat (you HAVE a boat, right?), but chances are your yacht is missing a satellite-fed HDTV and digital fishfinder. I recently caught wind of the produce line from New Hampshire-based Raymarine, which makes pretty much everything you need to make your fishing tugboat into something Cribs-worthy. Highlight: a wearable pendant that goes “Beep… Read More

  • The Futurist: When Gadgets Become Emulators

    On Friday, as the entire literate world knows, Apple will release the iPhone to much hoopla. And when the mix of the unemployed and the wealthy who could wait in line on a workday to finally get their hands on their $600 box of hype, they’ll find that, for the first time, “iPod” no longer merely refers to their pocket-sized MP3 player, but also to a software program… Read More

  • SimpleWeather Makes Time's Top 25 Websites

    How quickly they grow up. Our little Vince Veneziani’s website,, made it to the top 25 websites Time magazine’s editors can’t live without. How cool is that? Little Vince thought up SimpleWeather while trying to make some granny porn and wanted to see what the weather was like in Boston — a real hotspot when it comes to granny porn. The resulting… Read More

  • MySpace Launching YouTube Competitor

    According to the “New York Times,” MySpace is set to rename and relaunch its Flash-based video-sharing service as a stand-alone Web site, This will be accessible to everyone including people who do not have MySpace accounts. MySpace TV will be less centered on user-generated content — unlike YouTube — and will focus more on the material it has acquired… Read More