Google overhauls Search with tools to follow interests, annotate web pages and more

There have been a growing number of complaints that Google Search is not as useful as it used to be. In fact, Google execs even admitted that young people are turning to services like TikTok and Insta

Qept is a simple iOS note-taking app that is all about texting yourself

People have a habit of using messaging apps to send things to themselves. So much so that chat apps like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram have built-in features for bookmarking or note-taking. Developer

Twitter to support long-form articles with mixed media, Elon Musk confirms

Twitter Notes, the feature that would allow Twitter users to publish long-form content on the platform, appears to be back on track, according to a post from Twitter owner Elon Musk on Tuesday. The Tw

iPad OS 17’s Live Collaboration on PDFs could challenge Google Docs

Apple knows that iPad users are often interacting with PDF files, whether they’re studying for a chemistry exam or filling out paperwork at the doctor’s office. So, it only makes sense tha

Stashpad is a notepad for devs with a ‘DM to yourself’ interface

It’s hard to develop a personal note-taking habit. Many folks just resort to using a default app like Apple’s Notes app or sending something to themselves on Slack. It’s fine if you

StuDocu raises $50M as its note-sharing network for college students passes 15M users

Whether learning online or taking a class in person, every student knows all too well how important it is to have good notes from your classes as a key way to remember and apply what you’ve been

Evernote attempts to simplify with its new iOS app

Did anyone really love the Evernote mobile app? No? Well, good news then: the company is giving it another crack today, introducing what it hopes will be a simpler, more efficient tool to help you rec

Microsoft Launches Plumbago, A Paper App Competitor That Lets You Sketch & Handwrite Notes

Microsoft’s Office suite already has a popular note-taking app with OneNote, but today the company is turning its attention to how note-taking should work on tablets that support stylus and touc

A New App Called Soon Organizes Your Everyday Bucket List

Your friend tells you about a great new TV show they're watching on Netflix, or a new restaurant that you just have to try. If you're like me, you tend to pop open the Notepad app on your phone and jo

Evernote Goes To Town On Its Market E-Commerce Portal With Retro Pfeiffer Office Gear

Evernote, the cross-platform note-taking app that now has over 100 million users, is going large on Market, its e-commerce business that sits alongside its core product: today the company is announc

Apple Reportedly Acquires Note-Taking App Catch, BroadMap Talent

Two more Apple acquisitions have reportedly been unearthed today by 9to5Mac. The first is of Catch, a note-taking app similar to Evernote that was likely acquired back in July, and the second is Broad

Record Your Brilliant Ideas In Style For Either Public Or Private Consumption With Squarespace Note

Squarespace introduced a new mobile app for iPhone today, but it has little to do with the company's website creation platform. Instead, it's a simplified note-taking application that can publish to y

Fetchnotes Readies Twitter-Like Sharing For Its Note-Taking App (& They’re Fundraising By Singing Karaoke)

<a target="_blank" href="">Fetchnotes</a>, the lightweight note-taking app <a href="

Fetchnotes Launches A Simple, Cloud-Based Note-Taking Service (That Twitter Users Will Love)

<a href="">Fetchnotes</a> is a promising, lightweight note-taking app for list makers and idea-havers which looks deceptively simple. But that simplicity is actually one of

Attn. Evernote & Pinterest: Springpad’s New Social Experience Turns Interests Into Action

<a href="">Springpad</a> was founded back in 2008 with a simple mission: Help people "remember stuff today so that they can make better decisions tomorrow." For those unfami

CrunchDeals: IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe for $60

Normally about $80 to $100, Office Max has the IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe for $60 until October 18th. The device captures your writing from just about any normal paper surface (up to Letter or A4 si

Sad clown: No cross transmission

So maybe everything isn’t totally rosy in Leopard world. Apple promised we’d be able to sync notes from our iPhones to but it turns out this is impossible. The new has a

Good Mobile Messaging 5: Business Users' Best Friend (As Far As E-mail Goes)

Motorola purchased the Good Technology Group last January and now has Good Mobile Messaging 5 to show for it. It’s a software package for smartphones that attempts to mobilize Microsoft Outlook