• iBUYPOWER launches new multi-touch notebooks

    iBUYPOWER just announced the latest in their gaming notebook lineup, the Battalion CZ-11. The CZ-11 features a 15 inch screen, as well as the new Intel Core i7 processor. iBUYPOWER has also loaded the CZ-11 with 4GB of RAM, an ATI Radeon 5650, and a 500GB drive. Click through for the press release and more details. Read More

  • Crunchdeal: Save $500 on a Toshiba R600 with OpenSolaris

    So here’s a deal, but it’s a bit odd. The Toshiba R600 is advertised as being Toshiba’s ultimate notebook, and for the price it better be. You can buy it from Toshiba’s website for $2,099 for the base model which includes a 160GB hard drive, 3GB of RAM, and a 12.1″ screen, and comes standard with Windows 7. But that’s not the deal. Read More

  • MSI Wind12 U230 finally available

    We told you back in November that MSI had a new notebook coming, and now they are finally here: MSI’s new Wind12 U230 machines are now available for purchase online, and they look tasty. Read More

  • Maingear shows off their new mX-L notebook

    Maingear just announced their new mX-L 15 notebook, a gaming machine with a price that’s not on the crazy scale. It’s available in multiple configurations of course, which we’ll talk about after the jump. Read More

  • Onkyo to sell beefed up version of Kohjinsha's dual-screen notebook

    I’m sure many of you remember the pretty cool-looking dual-screen notebook Japanese company Kohjinsha announced last month (it’s already available over here). As it turns out, another Japanese PC maker, Onkyo, thought the device is worthy enough to get rebranded and improved spec-wise. The result is the DX1007A5 [JP], which is slightly more expensive than the Kohjinsha original… Read More

  • AQ Amigo USB speaker sits comfortably atop your notebook screen

    Notebook speakers are generally the definition of suck. They tend to be flat, lifeless, and just plan bad, but then portable speaker sets aren’t exactly portable. The USB-powered AQ Amigo seems to be a nice solution though. Read More

  • The Dell Precision M6500 packs a Core i7 Extreme and high price tag

    Dell is serious about mobile computing. That is if you consider mobile computing touting around a full-power 8.5lbs, 17-inch notebook. At least with the new M6500, you won’t be compromising anything. Seriously, anything because the amount of computing power that the new M6500 packs into a mobile platform is impressive. Read More

  • Kohjinsha's futuristic dual-screen notebook

    Maybe it’s just me, but this dual-screen notebook Kojinsha started selling in Japan today [JP] looks very futuristic (and very cool) to me. The main selling point is that you get not one but two 10.1-inch LCD screens in a compact body (size: 280×210×19〜42mm, weight: 1.84kg). And you can even buy the DZ6KH16E, which looks like a normal notebook when you use just one of the screens, if… Read More

  • Dynabook TV and TX series: Toshiba to roll out new Blu-ray-powered laptops

    Toshiba announced a number of laptops [JP] for the Japanese market today, with a high-spec Qosmio and two powerful netbooks among them. But the company is also ready to roll out two new models in the Dynabook TV and three models in the TX series, with (almost) all of them coming with a Blu-ray drive. Read More

  • Qosmio G60: Toshiba unleashes new super-laptop

    Toshiba Japan has announced a slew of new and updated notebooks today, and one of them [JP] is a monster of a notebook (more will be posted later). The Qosmio G60/97J is basically a high-end computer, digital TV and Blu-ray player rolled into one. Read More

  • Pedal power in the desert: OLPC in Afghanistan

    One of the issues with the OLPC project has always been power. There’s just not electricity in all the parts of the world where the OLPC is intended to be used. There is a solution available, however, and it’s being tested in Afghanistan. We have just seen pictures of the first pedal power conversion for the OLPC. Read More

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