Asus Republic Of Gamers G551LM Gaming Notebook Review

Gaming laptops are a hard needle to thread. On the one hand, you need something that’s portable enough to be considered an actual laptop. On the other, you need it to have enough power to handle

Apple Updates The MacBook Air With Improved Processors And $899 Starting Price

Apple has indeed updated its MacBook Air as foretold, and while the updates aren’t terribly dramatic, they are solid improvements that should come as welcome news to anyone who has been waiting

Apple’s 2013 13-Inch MacBook Air Sweetens The Deal For One Of The Best Available Computers

The MacBook Air was the only new Apple hardware to be announced and launched at WWDC this year (besides the new AirPort Extreme), and while it isn't a big change from the previous version, it packs so

Y Combinator-Backed Noodle Labs Launches, An “Evernote For Your Life”

Noodle Labs, the mobile development startup that's part of Y Combinator's summer batch, launches today with its newest product: An iPhone and web app called <a target="_blank" href="

Fetchnotes Launches A Simple, Cloud-Based Note-Taking Service (That Twitter Users Will Love)

<a href="">Fetchnotes</a> is a promising, lightweight note-taking app for list makers and idea-havers which looks deceptively simple. But that simplicity is actually one of

Review: HP ProBook 5330m

<img src="" />Does this thing look familiar to you? Granted, there are plenty of little differences, but at a first glance, what does t

Bezel Obsessed LG Announces World's Thinnest Bezel For The Xnote P210

<img src="" />LG's notorious obsession with having thin bezels is well known, and they are continuing that vein with t

Getac Stuffs A Core i7 and Dual Batteries Into The B300 Rugged Notebook

<img src="">No longer do you have to sacrifice performance in your next battlefield computer. The Getac B300 can survive an IED explosio

HP announces updates to the Envy 14, Envy 17

<img src="" />HP gave up the details on their updated Envy today. Nothing too terribly exciting, they're spo

iBUYPOWER launches new multi-touch notebooks

<img src="" /><a href="">iBUYPOWER </a>just announced the latest in their gaming notebook lineup,

Crunchdeal: Save $500 on a Toshiba R600 with OpenSolaris

So here’s a deal, but it’s a bit odd. The Toshiba R600 is advertised as being Toshiba’s ultimate notebook, and for the price it better be. You can buy it from Toshiba’s website

MSI Wind12 U230 finally available

<img src="" />We told you <a href="

Maingear shows off their new mX-L notebook

<img src="" />Maingear just announced their new mX-L 15 notebook, a gaming machine with a price that's not on the crazy scale. It's ava

Onkyo to sell beefed up version of Kohjinsha's dual-screen notebook

<img src="" /> I'm sure many of you remember the pretty <a href="

AQ Amigo USB speaker sits comfortably atop your notebook screen

<img src="">Notebook speakers are generally the definition of suck. They tend to be flat, lifeless, and just plan bad, but

The Dell Precision M6500 packs a Core i7 Extreme and high price tag

<img src="">Dell is serious about mobile computing. That is if you consider mobile computing touting around a full-power 8.

Kohjinsha's futuristic dual-screen notebook

<img src="" /> Maybe it's just me, but this dual-screen notebook Kojinsha started selling in Japan <a href="http://j

Dynabook TV and TX series: Toshiba to roll out new Blu-ray-powered laptops

<img src="" /> Toshiba announced <a href="">a number of la

Qosmio G60: Toshiba unleashes new super-laptop

<img src="" /> Toshiba Japan has announced a slew of new and updated notebooks today, and <a href="http://www.toshib

Pedal power in the desert: OLPC in Afghanistan

<img src="" />One of the issues with the OLPC project has always been power. There's just not electricity in all the parts of the w
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