Crunch Report | 500 Startups Shuts Down Its Canada Fund

MIT's latest jewelry is alive, 500 Startups shuts down its Canada fund, Theranos settles with Walgreens and Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 8 leak. All this on Crunch Report!

Watch Samsung’s Unpacked event right here

We’ll be live at today’s big Samsung reveal  — and you can be, too, kind of, sort of. The electronics giant has offered up  a few clues that today’s event will include a reve

From NTT's Showroom In Tokyo: Futuristic Remote Collaboration Apparatus "t-Room"

<img src="" /> Here’s the fourth (and final) demo I witnessed at <a href="">NTT</a>‘s s

Video Gallery: 4 Futuristic Technologies From Japan's NTT

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From NTT’s Showroom In Tokyo: Next-Generation Telemedicine Technology (Video)

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From NTT's Showroom In Tokyo: Next-Generation Digital Signage System (Videos)

<img src="" /> Here's the <a href="

Video: CrunchGear Visits NTT's Futuristic Showroom "NOTE" In Tokyo

<img src="" /> Living in Tokyo has its advantages. One of them is to get invited (as the first non-Japanese blogger) to make

Awww… a thank you note

Jeff won our iPad contest a few weeks back and he was such a patient and kind gentleman about the whole thing! Best of all, he sent us this kind note written in Sharpie on his brand new iPad! While we